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Arisia was a blast. I only had a limited potential for sleep dep since I had to be back in Mommy Mode today, which requires that I be able to maintain consciousness, but I did have plenty of time to be social and even go to a handful of con-specific things (including [ profile] derspatchel's appearance in the recreation of "Chicken Heart", which was great). I gave blood, bought a pointy thing and found the new corset of my dreams, which I will buy as soon as I sell the old one- or get my tax return.

Also, I have a huge and amazingly intricate henna design on my back thanks to [ profile] ayalanya, pics of which will go up eventually.

Rode back to Hartford to retrieve my car parked at [ profile] pixel's house and promptly discovered that the driveway resembled nothing so much as a 50 yard luge course. The car made it up on the 4th try... then I came home to find that [ profile] glaucos had nearly finished unpacking and scrubbed out the clawfoot tub so I can take a nice toasty bath later. (Did not, alas, get over to LUSH because I was too busy on Saturday and it was OMG COLD on Sunday.)

I have a whole two weeks to catch my breath before I fly out to Texas, and after that we can plan a housewarming party. Going to try and use my massage gift certificate some time in there so that my jaw and shoulders un-knot before I'm travelling and hauling boxes again.

My cat has decided that the apartment is infested with invisible bugs- she's been jumping at them all day. I think she just caught one of those super-sneaky cat tails that's been following her around. Riley still hasn't been rehomed, as I discovered when I went up to Sunderland for random crap and cleaning today, but we have someone staying there temporarily who's agreed to feed and pet him, so I feel much better about that.
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Have to go paint tonight, after dodging it last night (tired plus grumpy plus plenty to do here). But the furniture is going in Saturday, and all the walls need to have at least two coats on them by then. So if anybody wants to come keep me company there this evening ([ profile] mytheria, are you coming out tonight or tomorrow?) that would be awesome, as I tend to get all fidgety if it's just me and the CD player there for 6 hours. I've also got to be there at 8AM tomorrow to meet the gas company (argh, no way to get washer and dryer over tonight, so I get to pay for a second service call. Bah.) Hate hate hate 4 hour appointment windows. I don't particularly want to be down there for 8AM with kids in tow unless the gas man will be there at 8:01. However, hot water would be a wonderful thing for washing brushes and rollers.

Going to try and move most of the boxes down tomorrow in the blazer, if my dad will let me drive it. Saturday is The Big Day where we try to move all the furniture down (or at least enough to sleep on Saturday night.) Anybody lingering on Sunday may be gang-pressed into a run for odds and ends left up in Sunderland.

Anybody who wants to help out for any of those (but particularly tonight), call me. I'll be in Worcester this afternoon, but should be back and ready to paint by 4 or 5.


Dec. 22nd, 2005 11:39 pm
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Streets that are within a mile or so of my new place: Gay Terrace and Witch Path. I dunno but that sounds like my kind of neighborhood. ;)

One and a half rooms painted with one coat. Much thanks to P for providing company and tall.

Furnace isn't turning on and couldn't get hold of anybody who would know why/how to fix it, but it was 55 in there, 60 with two people moving about and then creeping back into the low 50s as it got OMG ASS COLD outside. Would have been 2.5 rooms, except the color that was supposed to be parchment with a bit of a honey tone to it (to pick up the honey-stained hardwood floors) was not the color purchased [by the landlord, so it's not like he can flip out on it], and the front room is instead butter yellow. It has been dubbed the Creamery, and said color shall not be continued into the next room. I am in fact fond of butter yellow, but I will concede that it's a bit much to have both rooms shining with artificially dyed dairy goodness. So, possibly the pear color that I had wanted for the bedroom, in that room, and the manly pink dusty rose left over from Snark House in the bedroom- it's a color that I can deal with sleeping in, but not so much sitting around in. Also, it would look ghastly with my futon cover.


I like typing that. I have been up for 19+ hours for the 4th day in a row and it is starting to tell.

Ghastly ghastly gay terrace!

There is an excellent 50s diner very nearby which is presumably open except never when I am driving past it. I am pondering the wisdom of painting tomorrow AM, with Dangermouse in tow, and still no heat but at least the potential of getting someone who can make it go to swing by. Except, well, Dangermouse in tow + paint + no heat (although my antiquated ass will probably suffer more than a hyperactive preschooler will).

Sleep now. Think tomorrow.
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I HAVE PIE. I win the universe! Hee. Hi, does it show that I had too much sugar for breakfast? Yes? Ok, moving on.

Went to a lovely heathenmas party last night. Tasty food, cool people (including an entirely new subset of the poly-renny-gothy-geeky crowd! gasp! although of course there were multiple instances of scary overlap, because, well, it's the Valley) and the source of the previously mentioned PIE. I need to get J sock garters, as the ones for his kilt socks were apparently part of the rental. Also, I haven't worn it in years, but I can in fact still get into a car in a cloak and not strangle myself...much.

The annual migration of my mom's family towards Worcester is on the 1st of Jan instead of the 26th of Dec. this year, and I won't be able to make it, but I may go in that week with my mom to visit my grandfather. Keeping my fingers crossed for no snow, or a late start, on the 25th, so MIL doesn't spend Christmas stranded up at the top of the mountain with FIL out plowing and nobody able to make it up there. Kids are going up the night before, so she'll have company, at least, but still. I think we're doing something with my family on the 24th, according to my sister, except if the kids are already up the mountain that won't work. Feh. Must figure this out soonish.

Signing the lease and getting keys to the new place today, and probably going in to start taping off woodwork in preparation for painting. If nothing else, I want to go in and stand in it and rejoice that it has windows! and start mentally placing furniture and ponder paint colors for the remaining rooms. I also have to swing by the school offices with the lease as proof of residence, see what they got from Sunderland already, and what else they need. I did learn that C's bus stop is half a block away at the corner, not sure how the morning routine will shape up but I'm obviously going to have to wait there with him. [I am so proud, though. Every morning for the last 2 weeks, when the bus comes he waits for the sign to come out, stops, looks left, right and left again, and then crosses- without prompting. Since this is something we've had to talk to him about all year, this is exciting.] From there I'm off to help tackle Spare Boy's basement, because throwing away other people's crap is always more fun than throwing away your own.
Anyone want to volunteer to help with painting tomorrow night? I can be induced to bribe with food. Bonus points if you come with some sort of portable music player.


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