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Name:Kindly Aunt Hippie's Tips For Livin' Right
Location:United States of America
Website:Luddites R Us
When I move to a new town, the first two things I do are register to vote and get a library card. I have a lot of library cards, going back to my very first three digit number at the Tilton Library. If you live in the town where I grew up, you'd probably recognize the number if I told you- it's the one hand written on the checkout envelopes of every single book. My politics are similarly easy to discern.

I fix my own car, my own nails, my own hair, and my own drinks. I can tie ties, fasten garter snaps, lace corsets and Doc Martens. I am a farm girl living in what's either a smallish city or an overgrown suburb, depending on who you ask. I moved there because you can no longer walk to places if you live in the sticks. I am a songbird: small, brightly colored, short on attention span, and annoyingly loud and cheerful in the morning.

Important Note for all potential readers: Every day in my journal is Amnesty Day. There will be no drama over friending or unfriending. You want to read me, go ahead. Decide I'm annoying, or you're just culling your list so that it's manageable? Go ahead. Want to friend me but take me out of the default view filter? Hey, whatever makes you happy. Seriously. I write for my own amusement, and if you are less amused, I'm ok with that. If I unfriend you, or fail to reciprocally friend, it does not mean that I hate you and never want to speak to you again- however, if you feel a need to generate Drama over being unfriended, I may well decide that I do in fact never want to speak to you again, because access to the 5% of posts that I bother to lock is not equivalent to a deep and abiding friendship.

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