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The next person who critiques Obama (who has most certainly done things I disapprove of, yes) by saying that both candidates are exactly the same is getting a world-class bitchslap, I tell you what.
As a citizen with both a uterus and a daughter, I can say in no uncertain terms that only one candidate has even a modicum of respect for our rights, and that is an enormous and entirely unsubtle distinction. Don't insult me by pretending not to notice that in order to score cynicism points.

It's like claiming that eating a Twinkie and drinking Drano are exactly the same because they're both bad for you.
Obama will continue Bush-era policies that detain people illegally, barely dent the status quo of corporate power and greed, and cede points to a bunch of uncompromising asshats in the name of getting other shit done. Those are actions of a reasonable, thoughtful person who can't fix everything that is wrong.
Romney will disenfranchise you, gut regulation and the social safety net and turn the country over his bazillionaire cronies to rape and pillage every last dime- and then make you prove it was a forcible rape.


This is a decent yet flawed leader vs. a complete raving fucktard LOON.

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Aug. 30th, 2011 10:26 am
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Dear God: please may we have Molly Ivins back? She's really the best defense against a Perry candidacy. I understand if you like the company, but surely you don't intend to punish us with the candidates we collectively deserve.

Dear Facebook: your share button is totally broken in mobile. Fix it.

Dear water: quit washing everything I like downstream, k?

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I have *got* to start making tea before I sit down at the computer.
And Irishing it up before I venture into the news.

Today's apoplexy-inducing nugget is the decision by SCOTUS, as posted by [ profile] archangelsk to allow private property to be seized to make way for private enterprise.

1. Right, because what the world needs is fewer victorian homes and more overly landscaped strip malls and office parks.

2. Seriously, why don't they just issue a proclamation that it's our patriotic duty to grab our ankles when bidness comes a-knockin'?

3. I know this shouldn't surprise me. But damn it all, this week has been a full frontal assault on my cranial blood vessels and my faith in human decency.



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