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Hey, guess what we don't have this morning?


Guess what I need to do?

Bathe, do dishes, and wash laundry!

Guess what that takes? Yeah, you guessed it. So instead of being productive this morning, I am taking some old cardboard and making a sign that says "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO PURCHASE HERE" to go over my door. And then I am going to go look at two apartments far, far away from here.

[My one consolation is the possibility that it's raining buckets inside Drunk and Drunker's apartment, as they are upstream* of us. But I'm just not that lucky, I know it.]

*Don't even get me started on how fucking retaaaaaahded the plumbing is here. All I have to say is "cheapest and fastest possible conversion from pig barn to student apartments" and that pretty much covers all of it.
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Crab crab crab.

Had three key pieces of mail go missing in the last month- a gift certificate, a present for Maggie (which I only found out about when my mom yelled at me for not having sent a thank you note to my grandfather yet) and now very likely a pair of earrings as well. Called the post office (whose number is not listed in any of the FIVE GODDAMNED PHONE BOOKS I've gotten this year) and they were like "Oh, yeah, there was a problem there a few years ago, too." Yeah, and it was me then, too. Why it took 2 weeks to explain to my postman that he was under no circumstances to leave my packages with Drunk and Drunker in the event that I was not home, I can only speculate. (It may have something to do with him being a thick-headed pig farmer.) So, grrr.

Also, my kitchen is an absolute fucking disaster, after being cleaned within an inch of its life on Monday, despite practically no cooking taking place in it. Cannot find the box of tie-dye that I bought anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter that there is neither vessel nor counter space to dye the two shirts I've got waiting. Frustration with trying to clean and winnow in advance of moving, for once, is reaching "Can I just rent a dumpster and park it under a window?" levels.

Shoes are in Chelmsford, according to UPS, but not due to be delivered until Tuesday. Odds that they will sit in the warehouse over the weekend: extremely high. Odds that UPS will manage to dent, fold, spindle, mutilate, maim or lose them between now and Monday night, when they go out to South Deerfield: fair to middling. My hatred for them, it runs strong.

Also, I had to set foot in a retail establishment on Black Friday for the first time since I worked the layaway desk at Caldor's 8 years ago. We had critical failure of snow boots for both kids yesterday, so had to dash out and get them each new ones in order to reclaim mine from the boy-child. Still hate everybody, but I am very much a surgical strike shopper, and we got in and out of the mall in under 10 minutes.

I do have at hand for stress relief some very over-frosted clearanced halloween cookies (they're that much better when the frosting is stale and kind of crispy), half a pack of cloves, tea with real cream, and two bath bombs from LUSH. My family may yet survive the weekend.


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