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Things which please me:
250 multicolored rubber bands... made of silicone! For the not snagging and the not hivey! And such pretty colors. Purple, and burgundy, and cherry red, and lime green and blue. (The yellow still sucks.)

Things which do not:
Still can't find the part which will make my car legal. Very nice gentleman who gave me his number at Autozone over the weekend only has 5000 Quattros, but he is hunting up the number of the parts place in upstate NY that has "everything".
Also can't find the goddamned lever to just wedge my heat on for the duration, and did not feel like disassembling any more of the dash than I did this morning hanging upside down with my shoulder in musty carpet.

Things which annoy the living fuck out of me:
The smurfs. Gah.

Edit: Good things come to those who whine, apparently. Guy who sold me car called out of the blue saying that he has a "box of parts" for me and that he'll fix the brakes for free, and that I should bring it by tomorrow so he can take a look.
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Bailed on a party yesterday on the grounds that 1) it was far, 2) my knee does not like driving very much, 3) several people said the roads were crappy out that way, plus filled with that special "OMG first snow" brand of stupid, and 4) potential crash space to help mitigate 1-3 had her phone turned off, so I had no expectation of the message being received in timely fashion.

Still felt the urge to be social, though, so I sat around grumpy and restless for several hours until I remembered that the Halloween showing of Rocky Horror was at the Tower Theatres last night. Texted [ profile] pixel, who had some lines he'd been dying to use at that particular Rocky, and gimped my way out to that. We were in the "old school" theatre, which was the gimmick of choice to explain why they only had enough cast to do the floor show in one of the two theatres, sitting across the aisle from a tall, sarcastic blonde who actually completed a bunch of the more obscure callback lines back and forth with Pix.

Unfortunately, this meant getting to bed at 2/3AM (stupid clock change), which, when you have to get up to get to an auto swap meet two hours away and want to be on the road by 7:30, does not allow for much sleep. It allows for even less if you have two smallish monsters who want to go downstairs and watch cartoons and whine prolongedly when told no. Mmm. Grogginess.

Swap meet: preeeeeeeettty, but too much walking. Weather: absolutely gorgeous. Monsters: now limited to 5 houses for trick or treat, with gramma weekends being next on the chopping block. I go die now.
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Today's Moment of Buh? comes to you from the world's #1 Christian porn site. Yes, it is SFW.
Also, the existence of Masturbators Anonymous. With support partners you're supposed to phone up if you feel like a wank. Yep, no way that could go horribly, horribly wrong. Not a chance.

Speaking of selling my truck, did I mention that I'm selling my truck? Because I am. It's so I can afford to put this on the road. :D Her name is Bluebird.

Otherwise, not much doing. Plaguey child (gee, that was quick), and I am pretending that I'm not coming down with it. Meeting with school this afternoon, attacked by sentient laundry piles, the usual.

EDIT: truck also listed here and here just for good measure.
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Have outline of wifebeater nicely seared onto shoulders and chest. Right arm feels like it is going to drop off at the shoulder - and considering how sore my forearm is, it'd be a mercy. (Mmmm, aggravating old RSIs.) Have not slept properly in the better part of a week. Sinus cavity filled with snot and primer. Filled with unhealthy lust for orange metal flake flames. Happier than a clam, minus any sand or sarcasm. :D

I fall down go boom now.
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So I've seen a handful (ok, 3) of these lately. A restored '59 Sunliner that comes to the Panera where my sister works, driven by a grumpy looking retired Marine, a random all white '59 on the highway, and the one that confused the snot out of me yesterday by having the Galaxie badging on the side and the Fairlane badging across the rear. (All '59s.) That's what inspired me to do a quick google search, and I turned up that page.

I have become conditioned to automatically turn to look at all the pretty, pretty classic cars, but I have now been inspired to the level of actual lust. Not that I can afford the time or money investment, and I have not in fact lost my mind entirely, but damn I want a '60 Galaxie. It has WINGS! Fucking WINGS! Like a spaceship! Weeeeengs. *grin*

Yeah, I know, I'm weird. I'm ok with it.


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