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Here I've been looking for something to get full-on snarky about and he goes and interrupts my weekend with his choice of vice president.

So is it pandering to the far-right that has become the loudest voice of the Republican party?

Is it a return to the age of the Robber Baron?

Is it a serious case of kingmaking by the hype machine, and a sign that Romney is already desperate?

Aunt Hippie is casting her vote for "all of the above," with a little dash of misogyny and cluelessness on the side. Not that any of it is terribly surprising, even if we were nurturing the tiniest of hopes that a great weight would be lifted off Auntie's state of residence. [Fat joke entirely intended, despite the fact that it is clearly one of his least despicable qualities, because Auntie is sleep deprived and full of the bitchy. We now return you to our regularly scheduled legitimate complaints.]

If there was a shred of doubt left in anyone's mind that the New Right's platform is "I got mine, fuck the rest of you," this should take care of it. The only mysterious thing in all of it is why this message is so appealing to folks who haven't actually got theirs yet.
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