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Most everybody wants to earn their wisdom the hard way, and not have it handed down to them. Well, tough shit, kids. Aunt Hippie's doling it out and you're gonna listen. And like it.


So who the hell are you, anyway?
We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.
Actually, we're Smithies. Angry former Smithies in our thirty-mumbles with a firm belief that there are things such as FACTS, and that those facts make a difference in determining what's right and wrong, and that the media isn't so good about providing them lately.
We are also full of OPINIONS, which we enjoy voicing loudly over adult beverages whilst waving fine tobacco products as we frantically gesticulate in our ire.
We are also also full of SNARK, which shall be laid out as we see fit.

If you cannot distinguish these three things without assistance, go 'way.

Ok, so, you're starting another bitingly witty and satirical political blog. How unique of you. Why bother?
It's been proven all scientifical-like that keeping our opinions to ourselves leads to badness. Writing a blog is cheaper than therapy, even after you account for the possibility of carpal tunnel.

Right. Are there rules, perchance?
Why yes, yes there are! They are fairly simple:
1. Thou shalt back thy shit up with CITATIONS, bitches. I don't care if you say I'm wrong. I might work up some give a damn if an expert says I am.
2. Thou shalt not insult the character of other readers. Public figures are fair game; however, said insults shall be based on their actions, and not the fact that they look like they stepped out of a Brylcreem ad or the fact that they are in posession of a uterus in addition to being breathtakingly stupid. I'm sure we can all find plenty of ammunition without resorting to grade-school taunts. Racially insensitive language, demeaning terms for women and the like will earn you a fine smiting with the BANHAMMER.
3. Thou shalt not cast doubt on the divinity of Saint Molly, patroness of ass-whoopin' smart ladies everywhere.

Anything else, then?
Don't go out in a shitstorm without galoshes, and never start a land war in Asia.


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