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It has indeed happened: my baby is in double digits. She got a somewhat protracted birthday celebration, with Ikea (for stuffed sharks and dragons, natch) on Tuesday, with bonus free chicken thumbs because it was post-mouthreaming for me and mashed potaybees sounded like a delicious and not in need of chewing dinner and also kids eat free on Tuesdays. Wednesday, the actual Feast of Saint Margaret, was her brother's weekly doctor appointment, but I picked her up from the Y with a california roll with candle in it (did not sing, because she is now old enough to be Embarassed By Her Parents) and she was bound and determined to have cake afterwards, so she got a rock-hard slice of ice cream cake before bed. Thursday was her birthday dinner proper (sushi for her, hamburgers for everybody else), Friday was the school party, and today we are going to the movies with her cousin.

On Monday I am finally picking up my new lease, having turned in Cheap Blue a week and change ago after a flurry of panicked road trips to reach the 6k minimum mileage. What? We were trying to be conservative with it, and also it didn't have heated seats (did I mention?) which the new baby does. The new one is a Jetta Sportwagen, in bright red with heated seats (ahem) and no panoramic sunroof (waaah!) and 17" alloys instead of the 16 inch steelies on Cheap Blue. Spouse says yay, I say boo, because I am afeared of thin-ass tires in pothole season, but not having to drive through the Oranges, Newark and Irvington on a weekly basis will help that.

Just turned down unlimited Saturday overtime at work because I am booked through the end of the year, which, omg, how did it get 6 weeks away exactly again? Have theoretically quit the eBay store, yet somehow this does not translate to getting to bed before 11:30 on any night, ever, and man is that beep annoying at 6:03AM.

Hoping Santyclaws comes through with the Top Sekrit Present Of Much, Much Wishing.
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