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I am blonde. I hit it with 30vol and it left it a lovely coppery red shade, so I hit up Big Gay Barry for some 40vol developer and he also had some powder with blue toner in it. Now it's white at the roots and still somewhat brassy on top. I think I might need to hit parts of it one more time, but it can wait until I get down to Sally's and buy my own supply of this miraculous, blueberry scented dust. (Also, my scalp will never forgive me if I bleach 3x in one day.)
I am also not pregnant. This is good, since while we would have enjoyed the dubious honor of Most Obscenely Fertile People On Earth, it really would have sucked to get pregnant after my husband had a vasectomy. I'm trying out the purple box of o.b. (aka the "stuff an entire sheep up your twat" size) and counting the days until menopause. (At least 25 more years, if my mother is any indication. *sigh*)

Well then. That was enough oversharing for tonight.


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