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New Orleans is a city well known for decadence. There's lots of sex- gay, straight and anything in between- and drinking and drug use, along with corruption and poverty and bugs and nifty architecture. But these folks are dead certain which one of those things it is that God hates. (Me, I'd be after smiting the bugs, but a hurricane seems like overkill.)

Although really, their logic is off. The only one of that list that the hurricane put a decisive smack down on was nifty architecture- and God wouldn't be ineffective in his smiting, not from what the Old Testament says anyhow. Who knew He hated historical houses so much?

I'm not even going to link to the wingnut who saw the image of a 6 week old murdered fetus in the satellite imagery of Katrina, because, well, I just can't. *shakes head*
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You know, I've been taking refuge in black humor and anger, but this post had me crying before I even finished reading. Go read it now.


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