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So after getting to talk to my aunt for 5 minutes on Saturday and damn near breaking my head off nodding yes! omg yes! and yes to that too! to all the symptoms she described, it is pretty obvious that I have otosclerosis. The good news is that mine is less severe than it was in my grandmother or my uncle, but probably about the same as what my aunt has, which is still not really spectacular considering that she's 52 and has been effectively deaf for at least a decade. So the next step is to go to the audiologist and find out exactly how bad it is, beyond my layman's guess of "wow, pretty bad."

I dunno that I'll need hearing aids just yet, but in the last few months I have almost completely lost the uppermost tones. I realized tonight at work that I can't hear bed alarms if there's any background noise on the floor, and I *know* that I could hear those as recently as this spring. And I can just barely hear the kids' voices. If they're talking in the back seat of the car while I'm driving, forget it.

I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to realize that I am not going insane, just deaf. The phantom noises?* they're a symptom. (I've been hearing those since I was in HS. Never occured to me that it had anything to do with hearing loss.) She explained why I wasn't able to hear words even though the sound coming out of the person's mouth sounds like normal volume, and it wasn't my imagination that the hearing loss accellerated suddenly in the last 3-4 months. Oh, and one other thing that didn't occur to me as a symptom is that I've been having a horrible time locating the source of a sound- because one ear is better than the other, so it sounds louder on the wrong side. Blindingly obvious in retrospect, but then lots of things are.

*These trip me right the fuck out. I hear them all the time- the call bells that I would swear I heard ringing after I came home? And I can't tell you how many times I thought I heard my phone ring, only to look and see that it's not...and amusingly enough, when I switched ring tones to one that I *can* hear, the phantom rings were still the old ring tone for a few days after. They've switched to the cat-in-a-pocket now, though. Oh, and I hear music that isn't playing all the time. When I was a teenager the trick I developed to tell the difference between phantom music and real-music-far-away was to try and pay attention to the words. If it was phantom music, I'd forget the lyrics and they'd start repeating.
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Yep. Still sick. Painfully sore throat has been replaced by moderately irritated throat, and clogged nose has been replaced by endlessly runny nose and sneezing 15 times in a row every other minute. And I'm out of Irish Breakfast decaf.
Work is going well. I did 5 residents on my own last night, and I actually feel like I know what I'm doing, which is always good. I feel bad about having been in such a good mood all night, though- two residents passed away yesterday, and a third is in the hospital and expected to last maybe another 24-48 hrs, and then there's two more who took major turns for the worse in the last few days. Between that and the endless dank, most everybody was just kind of tired and bumming yesterday, except for me who was in Chipper Overdrive all night. (Sudafed plus sobe energy drink plus finding my sea legs.)
I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight I *will* go to the Harp after work, and tomorrow I get to meet some Boston-area fuqueaux who have twisted my arm into hanging out in Northampton, Sunday my sister's boyfriend graduates from UMass (though I don't think we're going to that, or the bbq afterwards), and Monday we're watching the parade from my parents' house.
Somewhere in there I need to check the dress code and see what sorts of fun things I can do with my hair. I *heart* Vanessa Olivarez's hairdo from the AI finals on Wednesday. I want to do that ever so much. Or maybe just red, blue, green and purple chunks all over my head. Or I could get a coleur experte thing, and do some kind of red with blonde highlights.
Suggestions in comments! please! Make me feel loved.


May. 21st, 2003 09:40 am
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Blah. I have the cold that Conall had over the weekend. Maggie and her delicate little hacking cough suggest that she, too, is afflicted. I'm pondering a nice long bubble bath for the both of us. That, or drilling a hole in my sinuses to let out some pressure.
Work wasn't all that bad..I had to stay half an hour late last night to finish charting, and my legs are killing me because I picked up a pair of El Cheapo Payless sneakers (they need to be white for clinical) with an eye to replacing them as soon as I got a paycheck. Speaking of which, I finally get paid tomorrow! Yay, and all that. The lady training me thinks that I can handle a partial patient load on my own on Thursday, so I'll be on my own to do 4 residents, I guess. Friday I am going to the Harp straight from work and listening to the seisun, damn it. I haven't been in months. Also I think that a little Strongbow is in order after this week.
My bike ride ambitions have been dampened (heh) by the cold wet dank outside my door. I'm almost ready to go to the roller rink just so I can use my blades- the road around the park is in dire need of repaving, and the rail trail is a bitch in the rain going over that wooden bridge. I was supposed to be able to exercise outdoors by now, dang it. My secret shame is that I'm thinking of joining Curves once I have a set schedule at work..30 minutes of circuit training sounds good, as does the price, but I'm just opposed to the idea of a women-only gym. At least nobody from Smith has heard me refer to it as a "chick school" lately. ;)
Ok. Off to make 7 cups of tea in an effort to soothe my throat and drown this frelling cold.


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