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You know, getting to bed at 2 might not have been that bad had I not then lain awake until nearly 4 and been woken up at 5:30. I did get sleep intermittently until 8ish, but the suck launched a few early attacks and has been steadily eroding my patience since. Annoyance currently directed at the CD rack, which is not only unalphabetized but also thoroughly stirred so that things are impossible to find. So if you, say, spend 10 minutes looking for a Henry Rollins CD, and then open it to find an empty case, it is then possible to spend the entire morning opening cases to try and find it. Keeps me off the streets, I suppose.

Oh, and I am sick and tired of the no love from the DJ at club. I am fully aware how petty this is, but god damn it, I got louder applause than two of the people who went on to the second round of the costume contest. And this happens all. the. time. Meh.
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So let me get this straight- the options are that this is PMS, which thus ruins my weekend, or that I'd be this pissed off in a vacuum? Oh, well, that's just lovely.


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