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Cold cold cold nasty raw cold.

Knee: less actively twingey, not much more functional. I can bear about 25% of my weight before it starts complaining (up from 0% yesterday, so at least that's better). That plus the cane has upped stair navigation from 'highly comedic contortions and hopping' to merely 'silly and undignified'. It objects to driving, though. Grump.

Children are at terrah level: call the Nike factory. I went into yelly mode for about an hour this morning and cowed them sufficiently that they picked up the 5 million legos and puzzle pieces, but this is not a terribly good long term solution.

However, my tabi socks and plaid kneesocks arrived today. Mittens for my feet! so cool. And I can wear socks with flip flops, which means I can now toss the crappy slides. W00t.
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Bleached hair 2x (with 30 vol, no less) and not only are the tips still a delicate shade of peach but my scalp has that wonderful, tight itchy feeling that says "Would you quit doing that to me, you dumbass?" Waaaah.

It looks rather pleasantly flamey, all spiked up, and were that what I was shooting for I'd be delighted. However. It's light enough that The Plan will still work but dang it, it was supposed to come out white. I used the powder with the blue tones and everything. Grumble grouse.

J's hair, of course, came out splendidly (he is tossing it, behind me, because he is a strange, strange boy) and we are debating whether he more resembles Clark Kent or Elvis, with the blue-black hair. The glasses say Dorky Reporter, but the sideburns dream of being king.

Oh, and I got another microbrush nailpolish. Black, this time. My right (ha! take that, I *am* ambidextrous) thumbnail is now a jack-o-lantern.
It is maybe possible that I have too much time on my hands, maybe.


May. 21st, 2003 09:40 am
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Blah. I have the cold that Conall had over the weekend. Maggie and her delicate little hacking cough suggest that she, too, is afflicted. I'm pondering a nice long bubble bath for the both of us. That, or drilling a hole in my sinuses to let out some pressure.
Work wasn't all that bad..I had to stay half an hour late last night to finish charting, and my legs are killing me because I picked up a pair of El Cheapo Payless sneakers (they need to be white for clinical) with an eye to replacing them as soon as I got a paycheck. Speaking of which, I finally get paid tomorrow! Yay, and all that. The lady training me thinks that I can handle a partial patient load on my own on Thursday, so I'll be on my own to do 4 residents, I guess. Friday I am going to the Harp straight from work and listening to the seisun, damn it. I haven't been in months. Also I think that a little Strongbow is in order after this week.
My bike ride ambitions have been dampened (heh) by the cold wet dank outside my door. I'm almost ready to go to the roller rink just so I can use my blades- the road around the park is in dire need of repaving, and the rail trail is a bitch in the rain going over that wooden bridge. I was supposed to be able to exercise outdoors by now, dang it. My secret shame is that I'm thinking of joining Curves once I have a set schedule at work..30 minutes of circuit training sounds good, as does the price, but I'm just opposed to the idea of a women-only gym. At least nobody from Smith has heard me refer to it as a "chick school" lately. ;)
Ok. Off to make 7 cups of tea in an effort to soothe my throat and drown this frelling cold.
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I hate being broke.
Stupid unpaid training.
Stupid nursing home not letting people take the night classes at the red cross building.
Stupid red cross charging $600 if I want to pay for this myself.
Don't wanna borrow money from the Bank of Mom and Dad. Do wanna eat and possibly also pay a bill or two (though I'm not sold on this paying bills thing. :P)
Grah. Oh, and AppleCare can bite my ass.


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