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Here is some followup on everybody's favorite bias cut* freudian slip.

I don't blame the photographer for actively promoting a racist ideology, but I still say that those pictures along with others do illustrate a distinct media bias that goes beyond a jarring juxtaposition of captions, and well outside the bounds of this particular disaster.

I also realize that there are far more damaging forms of racism at work- like the kind that left the poorest (read: darkest) inhabitants of a city to what only an idiot** could pretend wasn't certain doom, or the Monday morning quarterbacks who looked at the unfolding disaster from afar and tut-tutted the "stupidity" of being too poor to get out and not doing whatever it took to survive, then turning around and in the same breath blaming them for doing what they needed to stay alive and taking*** food and water from abandoned, waterlogged stores.

I still believe that any sort of sweeping awareness of the indisputable fact that media bias can and does slant everything we see- and no, I'm not talking about the conspiracy of a "liberal" media- is a good thing. If one person looks more closely at the wording of a story and thinks about whether or not it's racist in the wake of this, that's one person more than was thinking about it yesterday. Of course conservatives will cry foul, and use the same logic of "No, really, it's a coincidence, doesn't prove a thing" to paint us all as lily-livered, oversenstive reactionaries- but do you honestly believe that if we all just researched a tiny bit better, conservative bloggers everywhere would lay down their keyboards and admit we're right? We've seen them lie in the face of indisputable evidence**** before.


In other news, I'm off to go camping until Monday. If I haven't posted by the middle of next week, assume I've been eaten by bears. Also, if anybody gets wed, dead or has other life-changing news, send me a heads-up via email. myusername at el jay dot com.

*Who the hell looks good in bias cut fabric? What type of figure? It sure as hell isn't mine.
** Not to name names, but a certain G. "Nobody expected the levees to break" W. B. is on my list.
*** I will not call it stealing. I call it common fucking sense.
****I mean real evidence, not that namby-pamby shit that supports the theory of evolution. [Ow, I think I just pulled my sarcasmatron on that one.]


Aug. 9th, 2005 09:47 am
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The tagline to an article discussing sexism in Harry Potter:

Jane Elliott is a freelance writer and a graduate student who lives in Philadelphia. AOL keywords: "feminazi" and "wetblanket".

(The Salon article she references can be found here, if you're interested.)


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