Aug. 30th, 2011 10:26 am
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Dear God: please may we have Molly Ivins back? She's really the best defense against a Perry candidacy. I understand if you like the company, but surely you don't intend to punish us with the candidates we collectively deserve.

Dear Facebook: your share button is totally broken in mobile. Fix it.

Dear water: quit washing everything I like downstream, k?

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[insert sound of my head exploding]

Right. So. Is it time to blow shit up yet? Please?
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Ok, this is totally awesome of them.
T-Shirt Hell is offering to provide alternate transportation to anyone kicked off a flight for wearing one of their tshirts. It's called the Free Speech or Free Travel Offer.

It's a shame that my "f@#k authority" tshirt is hand-made. And that I don't have anywhere to fly. But I think this is an attitude worth supporting with my wallet. Now, what shirt to choose...

EDIT: For some reason this one speaks to me.
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I am not bringing my phone camping with me, because if I do, and it rings, I will throw it in the river. And possibly stomp on it just to be good and sure.

Just a cute little ball of vitriol, I am.


Aug. 18th, 2005 07:26 pm
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Internet still broken. I smite now.

Comcast has now decided that perhaps the modem they gave me does not work, since it appears to think it's transmitting data even when it is not physically connected to anything. I would dearly love to conference call all the tech support centers I've spent valuable and irretrievable hours of my life on the phone with, tell them to argue amongst themselves until it's properly sorted, and then send somebody to my house to MAKE IT FUCKING GO already.

It should be a hot technician. I think I've earned some hot-tech-in-tight-jeans-bending-over, at the absolute least. Maybe also something akin to a penalty shot, where, once blame is solidly located, I get to hurl the defective equipment at the proper party. It's a pity the new modem isn't as aerodynamic as the old one.

In the "well, at least I still have my sense of humor" department, I was helped at Ye Large Computer Retailer Of Cables And Such by the gentleman who plays Rocky at the local RHPS. I did not ask if he was wearing the lamé under his businesslike khakis, at least not in my out loud voice.

Send ammo and cigarettes.
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Will someone please sit on me next time I think it'd be a good idea to read the news?
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This morning's yowliness brought on by the possibility of amending the constitution to protect polyester rectangles.

I will admit that this is a good point, but I suspect that I am one of those people who will not be able to resist a bright, flaming middle finger in the event that this gets ratified. Good thing they're made overseas out of cheap synthetic, anyway.

Then [ profile] ikkeikke brings up the idea that possibly, just maybe, we might want to worry about constitutionally guaranteeing equal rights for women before we protect those polyester rectangles.

Do realtors even list "remote mountaintops"? And do they come pre-goated, or do I have to bring my own?


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