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Got back from camp to discover that Cingular's online payment system puked on the payment I made before I left and now they want both the old bill and the new bill...which I'd be happy to give them, except all my money is currently tied up in trying to get the fuck out of the condo...whose closing is currently up in the air because the buyer has to come up with cash instead of financing due to the ongoing septic debacle. Which he can do, except it means a delay. So, no phone until Friday, because, well, fuck it, I am not going to make a heroic effort to shuffle funds around when I'd frankly rather not be reachable anyhow. Except I still have to call the buyer this morning.

So. First thing this morning I go over to my parents' place, and spend the next two hours playing phone tag with the buyer, the VA, the mortgage company, another buyer who offered cash for the place, and some random stranger's uncle's brother's cousin's niece's dogsitter just for the hell of it. [I will say that one small blessing in all this, given that J goes immediately into fetal ball mode when confronted with phone systems, is that he's got an androgynous name. I sincerely apologize to the VA and mortgage company for lying, but if they're going require written authorization every 2 weeks to speak to me about things, I'll just say I'm Jaimey. Somewhere, someone is probably very confused about his gender.] In the middle of all of this, I get a call from a cousin on my father's side- my dad's brother is dying, and can he please call my aunt right away.

Problem is, my dad's off having eye surgery this morning. So I call both of my parents' cell phones- both off. Call my sister and through some miracle catch her between classes, she says that my mom's at work and the eye doctor sent a driver for my dad. (Must be nice, dang.) Call my mom at work and attempt to leave a message that conveys "Family emergency but please do not maim yourself sprinting for the phone" urgency level with the office, ask to have her call me back between classes. I got a call from her about 20 minutes later, tell her what's up, she says leave a large print message for my dad on the table and I tell her that we're without phone til Friday so please email me later to tell me whether or not he'll be flying out to Colorado and whether they need me to take care of house, dog or lawn if he does.

Buyer calls back, we have all the documentation needed to delay the closing without the bank having seventeen thousand hissy fits, of which at least several hundred were thrown this morning in anticipation, I give her my email address so that she can still keep in touch after I leave my parents' house which I have to do in time to meet Maggie's schoolbus...which drives by the house, because it's yet another new driver. And let me tell you, 3 year olds are never happy when they think they're going home, and then home zooms by outside the window. It was like sonar, because I heard the bus turn around and could hear her screaming before it even got back to our driveway. (Did I mention that our house is at least 100 ft from the road? Yeah.)

So, to sum up:
House closing: still up in the air, although slightly less so. It's possible that it will be tomorrow, or possibly this Friday.
Uncle: still dying.
Child: placated with cookies.
Phones: off, and good fucking riddance at this point. Bah.

I am still thinking about heading to Diesel, because, well, no matter what my universe is not going to come to a screeching halt today. Next week, maybe, but there's nothing I can do about it at this point.. and hey, iced chai. And Puppy of Protection!


May. 5th, 2003 07:04 pm
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It is difficult to sew without the foot pedal to one's sewing machine.
It's official, I have lost the battle against disorganized crap. The boxes that I searched through for the missing parts to my machine this afternoon will sneak over next to the bed and fall on me while I sleep and finish me off.
I sent my husband on a mission over to my parents' to borrow my mother's vintage 1960 olive green 600 lb Kenmore sewing machine. At least it has all of its parts. I have to crank out two pairs of pants tonight, and hopefully the shirt that's already cut, so that I can take the pattern and start cutting some more to sew next weekend. When I'm going to find the time to do this, plus locate the missing pieces to my machine, I have no idea.
Class is going well, at least. Tomorrow is a review day and a scavenger hunt, then 3 days of clinical and we are el finito. (YAY!)
Someone tell me that all this stress will stop at some point, and we'll settle into a routine and get caught up on bills and Jaimey will go back to work and stop being a snarling beast because parenting full time is harder than he expected and I will not wake up at 2 AM and lay there trying to figure out which of my soul-crushing worries I should turn over in my mind until it's time to get up. *sigh*
My son is eating a fig bar on the table I just scrubbed so that I wouldn't get fig bar spots (or fish stick, cheerio, coffee, ketchup, or other assorted food schmutz) on the fabric that I'm trying to sew except I can't because CLUTTER ATE MY SEWING MACHINE PIECES.


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