Nov. 20th, 2005 11:12 pm
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My car has heat! Rather a surfeit of it, actually. Full bore heat is enough that I had to crack the sunroof to keep from stifling, but it is a vast improvement over last night's drive home, huddled under a blanket. The lever broke shortly after I purchased the car, with the temp turned down to lukewarm, but it is all better thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pixel. (Much thanks for the use of your extra clue to back up my tiny tiny one, and also the shiny pretty tools.) No more bundling up in 53 layers! and I suspect that I might even be able to defog the windows next time it's rainy. ;)
She also has a name: Starling. Partly the bird, and partly what I've decided I'm going to do to it once it's warm enough to paint again (and it's legal, as I'd like to remain as subtle as a metallic grape can be until then and not, say, draw the attention of Officer Friendly). So, yay.

Also, I promised I'd post this for [livejournal.com profile] ayalanya: the scary feather duster dress.

I get to learn to edit digital video tomorrow. *whistles innocently* (No, not porn.)

Have completely forgotten what the heck else I was going to post about. It's a teensy bit past my bedtime, methinks.
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I have a stealth mohawk.

It is stealthy.

It is dark warm brown, and photographs like shadows at midnight. This is its previous incarnation, in Electric Lava. Top isn't quite as long yet- just over an inch- and curlier since it has not yet been entirely fried. But, same general ballpark.

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I made a duct tape wallet! (Instructions first spotted in [livejournal.com profile] ladytabitha's journal.)

Clicky! )

I was gonna hold out until I remembered to pick up colored duct tape, but I like the classic silver fine. And yes, this amuses me way more than it should. I only taped my thumbs together twice...


Oct. 17th, 2005 11:25 am
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Nothing like a sunny, crisp fall day, an open sliding sunroof, and bonding with your shiny purple German luxury automobile. )


Oct. 3rd, 2005 09:41 am
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EDIT: Eeeee!
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Victory is mine!

I have a dishwasher again, and I promise never ever ever to say an unkind word about it ever again. I'm still replacing it for christmas though.
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Dyed [livejournal.com profile] pixel's handiwork copper red today. (It doesn't look it in the pictures, but it is a fair approximation of a naturally occuring hair color.)

I also gave myself a french manicure, just to see if I could do as good a job as the people at the mall. I'm not quite ambidextrous enough, though once I get the hang of the thinner brush it should be fine, and they both look fine at arm's length even if the left is neater.

Tomorrow, I play with the henna. Eee decoration. :D


Aug. 23rd, 2005 08:22 am
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Dear Weather:

Pls. stay exactly like this from now until mid-October.

Love and smooches,

(57 currently, high of 75, and blue skies with the occasional fluffy cloud. All it needs now is a light breeze and the smell of woodsmoke and leaves.)

it worked!

Aug. 7th, 2005 08:19 pm
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(Two Three new pics up in the henna gallery. It worked this time. *bounce*)
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The henna didn't take darkly enough to do the design justice (btw, in case anyone cares, [livejournal.com profile] ayalanya is awesome and the design kicks ass) so I am posting a pic of the goo itself. I also lost two shots to Catastrophic Battery Death of the rechargeables, though there may be decent ones on another camera in which case y'all will get an edited post with more of me.

It's not baby shit, honest. )

+Oh, and there are 5 more here thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pixel having a camera that, y'know, worked.

smooches to the first person to guess why i'm using this icon.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 11:40 am
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5 hours sleep, check.
Kids yelly, check.
World still careening downward in quaint wicker handbasket, check.
Hot enough to fry an egg on my dashboard, check.

And yet I am in such a good mood my face hurts.

Those Victorians, they knew what they were doing, man.
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It's cool enough this morning that I am actually considering putting more clothes on. This is a very welcome change from waking up and wanting to rip off everything I wore to bed along with possibly a few layers of skin and go soak in ice water until September.

Vat o iced chai still has enough left for one more glass, even after sharing with Dangermouse. (Ok, fine, I cut hers 50/50 with skim milk. She doesn't need caffeine, trust me.)

Homebrewed mead tasting this afternoon, plus smoked cheese and homemade beef jerky and pulled pork and grilled potato pouches and veggie dip and jambalaya and mmmm. Have I mentioned just how much time my dad spends cooking now that he's retired?

One kickin' iTunes playlist.

Sleeping til 8 without hearing "Mom, are you going to get up yet? Mom, what channel is Nickelodeon? Mom, can I have the new cereal? Mom, I'm going upstairs to use the toilet, I'm not coming up to bother you! Mom, how come you work at midnight?"

- - - - -

Dangermouse has decided that she simply must have spray cheese after seeing a picture of it on the back of a box of crackers, so we have obliged Her and now we have to run to the store to get a new box of crackers to bring to my parents' house.

I do not need really excellent fetish boots, even if they are on deep clearance. I do not need really excellent fetish boots. I do not. I... oh, hell. They're just fabulous, though. And the deep clearance, and and and. *pout*

I do need to shower. Stupid hippie deodorant.
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80s night was fun. Missed [livejournal.com profile] alphacygni, either because I was late or she hides really well, but stayed until 1 (ow ow ow) and shook a fair to middling amount of tail. Pike house was there in force with dates and extra "woo!" action, but they were sufficiently drowned out once the club filled up. And there were buzz-cut girls and skinny punk skater boys and boys kissing and 80s music and at least one other person in the valley with a crimping iron, so yay.

Also, in an unusual fit of planning ahead, I made a vat of iced chai last night before I left, so the 1AM hurty is receding and I'm off to take the kids to the park so C can practice skateboarding and M can ride her tricycle. Need to get them new helmets, since C is now borrowing mine. Mm, large headed scots.*

My mom is uncorking her first batch of mead on Saturday and throwing a party to go with. I've seen the menu my dad is working on- I may have to be rolled down the driveway to the car when I leave. And there's a chance that the guy who did my oak leaf armband will be there, and can get a pic of it for his portfolio. It's just that much more impressive when you can put in the caption that it's going on 7 years old...

* Never mind birth weight, that's usually an average of both parents' sizes and rarely hugely out of proportion unless there's an issue like gestational diabetes..but good grief, my children were wearing toddler sized hats before they were 6 months old. And yes, my bike helmet does fit the 6 year old.
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HP6 in hand, iced coffee by my side, amused 6 year old on the couch, nice cool rainy day. If I suddenly developed the ability to shoot laser beams out of my eyes, I could die of happiness right now. ;)


Jul. 11th, 2005 01:44 pm
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They put a green arrow at the Stupidest Intersection Evar in Easthampton.

I saw it! It was green! It indicates a good time to make a left turn!

Yes, this is probably only exciting to me. Too bad for you, this is my journal. :P
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Hiked up to the top of Sugarloaf to watch the Umass fireworks and was able to see pretty much every display taking place south of the mountain for at least 25 miles. I know one of them was Springfield, and possibly also Chicopee or Wilbraham, Westfield, and all the personal displays including the farm on Rocky Hill Rd. that gets mistaken for the Umass display periodically, they're so prolific. I mean, um, fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, and I certainly don't know who might be setting them off and I certainly have never run into half the town making a run to Cha's for cheap booze and splodeythings just over the NH border. *nodnod*

Man, it was a beautiful evening. Perfect weather, a bit hazy, but cool, and even without all the fireworks the valley at night is pretty as hell. Must remember to walk up in more leisurely fashion next year, as my lungs are still ever so slightly burny and my legs feel like rubber. The time delay between seeing the grand finale and hearing it was awesome. Unfortunately, it's become the worst kept secret in town, because there were close to 100 people up there, but still less crowded than the carnival down by the football stadium, and the 20 minute uphill walk does tend to weed out a fair number.

I will not get into just how much it kicked my ass to walk up (admittedly, at a pretty good clip, and I jogged the first minute or two thinking I could catch up to my friends who'd gotten there before me) the same mountain I used to go up and down multiple times a day in HS without a second thought, but suffice it to say that I am going to be walking oddly and possibly coughing up large hairballs for the next day or two. Totally worth it, though. The only thing I'd change is to have brought headphones and some decent classical thunder to drown out the tweens behind me.
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The fireflies are out.

One little blink out by the pond as I was pulling out, and then I got to the fields up the road and it was a sea of little twinkling blue lights. And I will swear that there were none as recently as last night- that, or they have the sense to go to bed before 1:30, but I certainly didn't see them on the drive home yesterday.

I take back everything I said about hating summer.* Damp summer nights that smell like mud and have little blue twinkles are one of my favorite things on earth. This is when I used to run- barefoot, along side streets and across the railroad tracks- and I still have that restless need to do something to feel the breeze against my face. A drive isn't quite right, but my parents would think I was crazier than they already do if I just appeared at their house and grabbed my bicycle out of the garage.

*Just please don't ask me to repeat this sentiment tomorrow afternoonish when the brain-melty heat is in full force.
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So I've seen a handful (ok, 3) of these lately. A restored '59 Sunliner that comes to the Panera where my sister works, driven by a grumpy looking retired Marine, a random all white '59 on the highway, and the one that confused the snot out of me yesterday by having the Galaxie badging on the side and the Fairlane badging across the rear. (All '59s.) That's what inspired me to do a quick google search, and I turned up that page.

I have become conditioned to automatically turn to look at all the pretty, pretty classic cars, but I have now been inspired to the level of actual lust. Not that I can afford the time or money investment, and I have not in fact lost my mind entirely, but damn I want a '60 Galaxie. It has WINGS! Fucking WINGS! Like a spaceship! Weeeeengs. *grin*

Yeah, I know, I'm weird. I'm ok with it.


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