Dec. 22nd, 2005 11:39 pm
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Streets that are within a mile or so of my new place: Gay Terrace and Witch Path. I dunno but that sounds like my kind of neighborhood. ;)

One and a half rooms painted with one coat. Much thanks to P for providing company and tall.

Furnace isn't turning on and couldn't get hold of anybody who would know why/how to fix it, but it was 55 in there, 60 with two people moving about and then creeping back into the low 50s as it got OMG ASS COLD outside. Would have been 2.5 rooms, except the color that was supposed to be parchment with a bit of a honey tone to it (to pick up the honey-stained hardwood floors) was not the color purchased [by the landlord, so it's not like he can flip out on it], and the front room is instead butter yellow. It has been dubbed the Creamery, and said color shall not be continued into the next room. I am in fact fond of butter yellow, but I will concede that it's a bit much to have both rooms shining with artificially dyed dairy goodness. So, possibly the pear color that I had wanted for the bedroom, in that room, and the manly pink dusty rose left over from Snark House in the bedroom- it's a color that I can deal with sleeping in, but not so much sitting around in. Also, it would look ghastly with my futon cover.


I like typing that. I have been up for 19+ hours for the 4th day in a row and it is starting to tell.

Ghastly ghastly gay terrace!

There is an excellent 50s diner very nearby which is presumably open except never when I am driving past it. I am pondering the wisdom of painting tomorrow AM, with Dangermouse in tow, and still no heat but at least the potential of getting someone who can make it go to swing by. Except, well, Dangermouse in tow + paint + no heat (although my antiquated ass will probably suffer more than a hyperactive preschooler will).

Sleep now. Think tomorrow.
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Tonight's dinner:

Pork chops stuffed with chopped baby bella mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and prosciutto
Mushroom risotto
Chocolate peanut butter sundaes with homemade peanut butter shell topping

Sometimes I even impress myself. ;)
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(from here)

PS pls to be adding yourselves to my map k thx bye.
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If I were to describe the website in a word, it would be "Eeek!" (If I could use more than one, it would be this quote: "I also think everyone was required to use at least one package of shredded cheddar cheese.")

I'm downloading Garth Brooks. No, I can't really explain it, but if it makes you feel better you can blame this utterly shitless weather. Now move along; nothing more to see here.
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I have been up, for reasons unknown to me, since 4:30AM.
After vainly trying to go back to bed for 2 hours, I got up, did two loads of laundry, brought the truck down for an oil change, went to the fabric store, put away laundry, cleaned the kids' room, and thoroughly ignored the dishes. :P

Whatever cold/sinus allergy-foo I have is making the surface of my brain itch, I swear. Gah. Going to shower and futz around with hair gel to see if I can do something fun with it. (Where fun= triple mohawk with gold gel.) Oh, yes, it's currently safety orange with white-blond bangs. Two inches til I can sew in wool dreadlocks...am thinking 3 bags of chestnut brown, with either flame orange or burgundy for 'highlights'. Instant waist-length hair! It's a match made in heaven for my attention span.

*sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* GAAAAAAAAAAH.

C-Dawg and I played 'rainforest expedition' in the parking lot behind the mall, which was filled with foot-deep puddles. Splooshy! (obAtLeastIt'sAWarmRain.)
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Local weather of note: We are on deck for a whole week of picture-perfect New England fall days. 40 degree nights, 70 degree days, and bright blue skies. W00t.

Also, because I am 12: Taiwan braces for powerful Typhoon Longwang. Any implied sucking and/or blowing jokes based on this would be far funnier than any actual joke I can come up with, so I'll leave it to y'all's imaginations.
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Today's Moment of Buh? comes to you from the world's #1 Christian porn site. Yes, it is SFW.
Also, the existence of Masturbators Anonymous. With support partners you're supposed to phone up if you feel like a wank. Yep, no way that could go horribly, horribly wrong. Not a chance.

Speaking of selling my truck, did I mention that I'm selling my truck? Because I am. It's so I can afford to put this on the road. :D Her name is Bluebird.

Otherwise, not much doing. Plaguey child (gee, that was quick), and I am pretending that I'm not coming down with it. Meeting with school this afternoon, attacked by sentient laundry piles, the usual.

EDIT: truck also listed here and here just for good measure.
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I took out my 1/2" plugs today. I've been waffling on it forever- hated the thought of giving up all the work I put into getting them to this size. But they were kind of starting to annoy me. Picked up a pair of opalescent 2ga acrylics, since my ears should shrink up at least that much, and listed all my plugs for sale. Sadness. Between that and growing hair, how's anybody gonna know I'm a freak now? :P

Well, I do kind of wear my freakness on my sleeve. Or chest. Whatever. )

Scrounging the house for some sort of caffeine to throw at my headache, with little success. Just me and Serenity chilling tonight, C-dawg is off to the mountain for the weekend and J is off at the fair. I am pondering whether a ball of fresh mozzarella and a glass of my mom's homemade mead can be counted as dinner.

Now run along and envy my madcap Friday night. Nothing more to see here. Nope.
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  • It would be nice if I could stop being an emotional tinderbox now, pls. PMS was officially over 48 hours ago. I should not still be weeping at the drop of a hat.
  • I got Things! They are sparkly. I picked up a few pairs of cheap earrings at Claire's to try and modify- I want to be able to wear girly earrings through the tunnels. I also got a pair of red and silver fishnet arm warmers. They are sparkly and itchy. And oddly enough, fishnet can in fact make your arms warmer.
  • Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.
  • Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] seeliefey!
  • Happy almost birthday to [livejournal.com profile] mathilde and also [livejournal.com profile] monfisch!
  • And happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] rosalux! Because I stink. :(
  • Later, there shall be Unhealthy Fabric Lust. I found some fabric that makes the pink dress hang its head in shame at the woeful inadequacy of its pinkness. Be afraid.
  • Thanks to the wonder of super-fine brushes, I have a jolly roger on one fingernail.
  • I have a goth 3 year old. We painted her fingernails black, and she is wearing her black pants with silver spiderwebs, and a black tshirt, and was most miffed when I told her that no, we could not dye her hair black. She asked to go to the diner and insisted on bringing a notebook. I am scared. Not so scared that I didn't teach her to put her hand to her forehead and tell grampa "Nobody understands me," though.
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Friday: Run errands, pass boy off to gma, pack J off for bday weekend of peace and quiet. Watch bad TV.
Saturday: Sleep in. Internet coma, breakfast with Dangermouse, errandy things, going away party for sister, vague effort at cleaning house for company.
Sunday: Snuggling, breakfast at diner, car show, nap, more errandy things, retrieve C-dawg, watch bad tv.

I could get used to this pace.

Also, it is impossible to take a decent picture of the back of one's head.
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Well, I heard a new one today.

[Poll #558730]

Not a whole lot going on. Fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 last night, which unfortunately means that when I was woken up at 6 my body said "Oh, ok." and now it's demanding to be fed and showered before the sky's full light. *yawn*

The mighty pumpkin in our backyard (we didn't plant it, it's probably from carving them out there last fall) is turning orange, which means I'll be able to clear out the foliage that's taken over the patio soon and maybe find the monarch chrysalisesesses- how the hell do you pluralize that?- and have fire! Yay fire. I am sneaking in a tiny bit of birthday celebration alongside [livejournal.com profile] seeliefey's 30th next month, so I won't be having a party here, but I'm sure I can find a reason to throw one if it involves setting stuff on fire.

Kids have school in one week. Yeep. I'd kind of forgotten it was that soon. Speaking of school starting, [livejournal.com profile] la_monday, 80s tailshakey? Last chance.

I got my rook pierced on the right side (go here for a pic of the location- it's the top one- and a hot redhead who is not me). It is itchy and sore. Not really unexpected, this- quoth the spare boy, "You shoved a piece of metal through your ear, duh it hurts"- but I always forget just how sore a new and/or pissy cart piercing can be. I've been walking around discreetly fanning the side of my head all week.

Starting to acquire Things for camping- need to get a few tubes of henna, portable foodstuffs, bug spray, oh and maybe a tent, heh. Also need batteries for the air mattress pump. I'm also thinking about getting some even more temporary body paints and just decorating any random passer-by who feels the need.

Finally remembered what I wanted to get off of limewire, at least.
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It's cool enough this morning that I am actually considering putting more clothes on. This is a very welcome change from waking up and wanting to rip off everything I wore to bed along with possibly a few layers of skin and go soak in ice water until September.

Vat o iced chai still has enough left for one more glass, even after sharing with Dangermouse. (Ok, fine, I cut hers 50/50 with skim milk. She doesn't need caffeine, trust me.)

Homebrewed mead tasting this afternoon, plus smoked cheese and homemade beef jerky and pulled pork and grilled potato pouches and veggie dip and jambalaya and mmmm. Have I mentioned just how much time my dad spends cooking now that he's retired?

One kickin' iTunes playlist.

Sleeping til 8 without hearing "Mom, are you going to get up yet? Mom, what channel is Nickelodeon? Mom, can I have the new cereal? Mom, I'm going upstairs to use the toilet, I'm not coming up to bother you! Mom, how come you work at midnight?"

- - - - -

Dangermouse has decided that she simply must have spray cheese after seeing a picture of it on the back of a box of crackers, so we have obliged Her and now we have to run to the store to get a new box of crackers to bring to my parents' house.

I do not need really excellent fetish boots, even if they are on deep clearance. I do not need really excellent fetish boots. I do not. I... oh, hell. They're just fabulous, though. And the deep clearance, and and and. *pout*

I do need to shower. Stupid hippie deodorant.
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80s night was fun. Missed [livejournal.com profile] alphacygni, either because I was late or she hides really well, but stayed until 1 (ow ow ow) and shook a fair to middling amount of tail. Pike house was there in force with dates and extra "woo!" action, but they were sufficiently drowned out once the club filled up. And there were buzz-cut girls and skinny punk skater boys and boys kissing and 80s music and at least one other person in the valley with a crimping iron, so yay.

Also, in an unusual fit of planning ahead, I made a vat of iced chai last night before I left, so the 1AM hurty is receding and I'm off to take the kids to the park so C can practice skateboarding and M can ride her tricycle. Need to get them new helmets, since C is now borrowing mine. Mm, large headed scots.*

My mom is uncorking her first batch of mead on Saturday and throwing a party to go with. I've seen the menu my dad is working on- I may have to be rolled down the driveway to the car when I leave. And there's a chance that the guy who did my oak leaf armband will be there, and can get a pic of it for his portfolio. It's just that much more impressive when you can put in the caption that it's going on 7 years old...

* Never mind birth weight, that's usually an average of both parents' sizes and rarely hugely out of proportion unless there's an issue like gestational diabetes..but good grief, my children were wearing toddler sized hats before they were 6 months old. And yes, my bike helmet does fit the 6 year old.


Jun. 27th, 2005 01:38 pm
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Plus a linky on flag burning.



Jun. 21st, 2005 08:31 am
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New debit cards arrived in the mail. I can get to my money on a Sunday again! Off to go activate it and get some celebratory coffee. Because you know what I need right now? Something with lots of sugar and caffeine.

Tonight is no goth attire night at Haven. Still undecided if I want to go to watch the trainwreck.
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Not much going on. Rain held off so our study group was able to meet at mc donalds' and send all our kids off into the playplace, went grocery shopping and spent way more than intended but it was the "everything we eat is on the good sale this week" attack. Need to finish bleaching my hair and try again to stretch my ears.
Want a cigarette.
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That's a good sign for my first day, right? Nobody dying?
Though it was kinda close this evening when I took the kids out to the CreeMee.
OK. Back to sewing scrubs.


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