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Rain, rain, go away, come back as necessary to prevent drought but really, don't you think you've overstayed your welcome for this week? *sigh* The fish tank usually loses an inch every two weeks or so to evaporation (and possibly the cat drinking the water, but I don't think so. I think she's just harassing them). It hasn't lost any in a week and a half now.
Conall continues to be pesky as all getout, and we haven't been able to ship him outside or to the park for So Long. Maggie, at least, seems to be hitting a major developmental change and is sleeping 12-13 hours a night plus naps. Of course, she's also screaming her head off any time I tell her she can't nurse, or if I leave her sight, or Conall looks at her funny. Yes, clearly we all need to get outdoors, if this frelling rain ever stops.

Work continues to be worklike. My new method of training is to be given the hardest assignment on the floor and a veteran CNA to check in on me. Um. Though the biggest problem now is not doing any of the tasks, it's figuring out what needs to be done by when, and since everybody else just has it in their head and doesn't really explain why we're doing anything we do, it's been a bit hard to pick up on. So far I've gathered that a day is pretty much: Come in, go through and brief anyone who needs it and toilet anyone who doesn't, get all the two assists up for dinner, get everyone else up for dinner, pass trays, escort the residents that eat there down to the main dining room, feed anybody that needs feeding in the supervised dining room on our unit, put all two assists back to bed, give everybody a partial bed bath or shower if they're on the list, do rounds, do charts. WHEE.
This assignment is 11 people with 8 that are two assist for transfers, including 3 that scream and swear and hit when you try to wash them, one that refuses to use her call button and just screams "HEEEEEELLLLLP!" all night long, 3 entirely bedbound people, and two hoyer lifts. The one thing they luck out on is feeding...most of them are either independent or one guy is tube fed, not that that's actually a break since there are plenty of people to be fed in the dining room and we all have to share that. The logic is that if I can do that hall, I can do any assignment...except that it's the only hall I've worked with, so only know a handful of the other residents and their status.

I suspect that I will not be joining Renee at the Haven for Leash and Collar night. Sheena did not find a sitter, so we can't scar her forever, and without that it's just not interesting enough to drive over the bridge for, especially since I'd have to change at work. I know some people have nurse fantasies, but I think they're usually wearing those dumb white dresses and not scrubs with fishies on them.
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I'm going out to Haven tonight. One of the girls who was supposed to come along can't find a sitter, but at least two of us are going to hang out and poke fun and possibly think about moving in a dancing-like fashion (or maybe not).
I am most dismayed- I got new bras (finally) and I'm a 36 B/C. My husband likes the way they look in the new bras, but they went and got *small* again. Buh? Now I have nothing to camouflage the baby pudge that's still clinging to my stomach.
Pictures of blondeness, big scary clear 0ga plugs, and a 26 year old mother of two trying to look like an angst-ridden 19 year old may surface in a day or two.


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