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So there's this show on CBS right now: "Category 7: The End Of The World".

Now, I loves me some good CGI destruction. Particularly if it involves major cities and a cavalcade of B-list actors. (Including Nicholas Lea! who is looking substantially less sexy as a religious whackjob, for the record.) But ye gods. The "science" in this movie is so painful as to cause brain cells to leap from my ears, screaming tiny screams all the way down before they hit the tile and end their suffering.

The FEMA director has nice tits, though.
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Bailed on a party yesterday on the grounds that 1) it was far, 2) my knee does not like driving very much, 3) several people said the roads were crappy out that way, plus filled with that special "OMG first snow" brand of stupid, and 4) potential crash space to help mitigate 1-3 had her phone turned off, so I had no expectation of the message being received in timely fashion.

Still felt the urge to be social, though, so I sat around grumpy and restless for several hours until I remembered that the Halloween showing of Rocky Horror was at the Tower Theatres last night. Texted [ profile] pixel, who had some lines he'd been dying to use at that particular Rocky, and gimped my way out to that. We were in the "old school" theatre, which was the gimmick of choice to explain why they only had enough cast to do the floor show in one of the two theatres, sitting across the aisle from a tall, sarcastic blonde who actually completed a bunch of the more obscure callback lines back and forth with Pix.

Unfortunately, this meant getting to bed at 2/3AM (stupid clock change), which, when you have to get up to get to an auto swap meet two hours away and want to be on the road by 7:30, does not allow for much sleep. It allows for even less if you have two smallish monsters who want to go downstairs and watch cartoons and whine prolongedly when told no. Mmm. Grogginess.

Swap meet: preeeeeeeettty, but too much walking. Weather: absolutely gorgeous. Monsters: now limited to 5 houses for trick or treat, with gramma weekends being next on the chopping block. I go die now.
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Cold cold cold nasty raw cold.

Knee: less actively twingey, not much more functional. I can bear about 25% of my weight before it starts complaining (up from 0% yesterday, so at least that's better). That plus the cane has upped stair navigation from 'highly comedic contortions and hopping' to merely 'silly and undignified'. It objects to driving, though. Grump.

Children are at terrah level: call the Nike factory. I went into yelly mode for about an hour this morning and cowed them sufficiently that they picked up the 5 million legos and puzzle pieces, but this is not a terribly good long term solution.

However, my tabi socks and plaid kneesocks arrived today. Mittens for my feet! so cool. And I can wear socks with flip flops, which means I can now toss the crappy slides. W00t.

ow ow ow

Oct. 28th, 2005 09:33 pm
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Did some kind of Bad Shit to my knee.

Borrowing my dad's cane, wrapped it snug, still can't walk more than 10 feet. *sigh* This, ladies and gentlemen, is annoying.


Oct. 5th, 2005 07:40 pm
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Bad news from the mechanic; rust to the frame is much more serious than first believed. Combine this with Mysterious Transmission Failure (it got better!), as yet unlocated issue with the charging system, and a leaking gas tank (plus the known expenses of a tune-up, updating the brake system, seatbelts, and five new tires) and Bluebird is rapidly becoming a car who needs to be restored by somebody with much more time, money and knowledge than yours truly. So, back she will go to the farm, though I offered to help list her online so she has a better chance of finding a good home, and I'll give them a copy of the full inspection report.

I am in utterly ridiculous getting a fever mode: one (1) pink satin Mad Bomber hat, one (1) turtleneck sweater (which is making me gag, non-stop, except my neck is cold, damn it), one (1) silk undershirt, one (1) pair of flannel pj pants, two (2) wool socks, and one (1) puffy queen sized comforter. Also tea. Cannot stop shivering, except for the random 5 minute hot flashes. Everybody is refusing my pleas to be mercifully shot now, before the full plague begins. Bastards.

Allegedly, I am cleaning the house to mother-in-law clean, tonight. In practice, this means that I have brewed myself a cup of tea, and managed to bring dishes into the kitchen but forget to bring tea out four times already in the last half hour. I also threw some dirty socks in the general direction of the landing. The spawn are asleep, so I no longer have forced labor to aid me.

Also, ow. I managed to knock a knife off the counter- and now we pause, to realize that I am both exhausted and high on cold medicine, and that pause should be roughly equivalent to the lag in my reflexes currently. Through sheer dumb luck, it landed dull side on my foot and I got away with a good whack but no impalement or blood. Still, I think I will stay out of the kitchen if the dishes are gunning for me.

Cannot go die quietly on the couch, as the kids are asleep there and I can no longer carry either of them upstairs with anything resembling grace, especially not in my current sad state.

Want a pony.
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We went to the school today, since Dangermouse's teacher had invited us to stop by on Monday or Tuesday to see how she'd switched the classroom around from last year. Played with the blocks, talked about M riding the short bus pre-K transport minivan back and forth, went to find C-dawg's classroom and wound up meeting his teacher too. (Still not impressed. She didn't understand him when he said "I'm gonna have hot lunch every day." Now, I realize he has articulation problems, but there's no reason she shouldn't have been able to get that, especially when it was in context.)

Of course we had to stop and check out the Big Kid Playground out back, which included a very large, very wet plastic slide. I told Dangermouse not to go on it, but I was trying to stop C from throwing pebbles at the basketball hoop at the same time, and it was too late and she and her nylon shorts were flying down it. She overshot the soft landing pad at the bottom by about 3 feet, going sideways through the air, and landed shoulder-first in the pebbles. And I could not for the life of me stop laughing, even when I scooped her up and she was bawling into my shoulder.

(She was fine. I did check that first, before I started laughing. And she didn't see me laugh, either.)
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Well, I heard a new one today.

[Poll #558730]

Not a whole lot going on. Fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 last night, which unfortunately means that when I was woken up at 6 my body said "Oh, ok." and now it's demanding to be fed and showered before the sky's full light. *yawn*

The mighty pumpkin in our backyard (we didn't plant it, it's probably from carving them out there last fall) is turning orange, which means I'll be able to clear out the foliage that's taken over the patio soon and maybe find the monarch chrysalisesesses- how the hell do you pluralize that?- and have fire! Yay fire. I am sneaking in a tiny bit of birthday celebration alongside [ profile] seeliefey's 30th next month, so I won't be having a party here, but I'm sure I can find a reason to throw one if it involves setting stuff on fire.

Kids have school in one week. Yeep. I'd kind of forgotten it was that soon. Speaking of school starting, [ profile] la_monday, 80s tailshakey? Last chance.

I got my rook pierced on the right side (go here for a pic of the location- it's the top one- and a hot redhead who is not me). It is itchy and sore. Not really unexpected, this- quoth the spare boy, "You shoved a piece of metal through your ear, duh it hurts"- but I always forget just how sore a new and/or pissy cart piercing can be. I've been walking around discreetly fanning the side of my head all week.

Starting to acquire Things for camping- need to get a few tubes of henna, portable foodstuffs, bug spray, oh and maybe a tent, heh. Also need batteries for the air mattress pump. I'm also thinking about getting some even more temporary body paints and just decorating any random passer-by who feels the need.

Finally remembered what I wanted to get off of limewire, at least.
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Club plus extended bike ride on antique single-speed bike = teh ow. Good thing I'm going to work tonight so I can do 4-5 miles of walking.

Prediction that I made on drive home last night has greeted me this morning. I am torn between patting myself on the head for brilliance and indulging a relapse of that whole stomach thing.

*rests head gently on keyboard*
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Have outline of wifebeater nicely seared onto shoulders and chest. Right arm feels like it is going to drop off at the shoulder - and considering how sore my forearm is, it'd be a mercy. (Mmmm, aggravating old RSIs.) Have not slept properly in the better part of a week. Sinus cavity filled with snot and primer. Filled with unhealthy lust for orange metal flake flames. Happier than a clam, minus any sand or sarcasm. :D

I fall down go boom now.
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6 more months as a one-car household. I can do it. *zzzthud*
Got up at 4:45 AM after going to bed at 12-something so I can have the car to get groceries this morning. I barely made it down the hall, since I was listing so badly to the right, and I think I called the kids by the names of some of the residents at work when I was getting them up to drive Jaimey to work. And in case it was in doubt, yes, of course it's too much to ask that they actually go back to bed for another hour. Maggie napped and nursed for 45 minutes, but I won't get back to sleep until this afternoon.
Does a 4 hour nap after the spouse is home negate the logic of going grocery shopping in the morning so that I actually get to spend an evening off with my family all in one place? Probably, huh.
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Yep. Still sick. Painfully sore throat has been replaced by moderately irritated throat, and clogged nose has been replaced by endlessly runny nose and sneezing 15 times in a row every other minute. And I'm out of Irish Breakfast decaf.
Work is going well. I did 5 residents on my own last night, and I actually feel like I know what I'm doing, which is always good. I feel bad about having been in such a good mood all night, though- two residents passed away yesterday, and a third is in the hospital and expected to last maybe another 24-48 hrs, and then there's two more who took major turns for the worse in the last few days. Between that and the endless dank, most everybody was just kind of tired and bumming yesterday, except for me who was in Chipper Overdrive all night. (Sudafed plus sobe energy drink plus finding my sea legs.)
I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight I *will* go to the Harp after work, and tomorrow I get to meet some Boston-area fuqueaux who have twisted my arm into hanging out in Northampton, Sunday my sister's boyfriend graduates from UMass (though I don't think we're going to that, or the bbq afterwards), and Monday we're watching the parade from my parents' house.
Somewhere in there I need to check the dress code and see what sorts of fun things I can do with my hair. I *heart* Vanessa Olivarez's hairdo from the AI finals on Wednesday. I want to do that ever so much. Or maybe just red, blue, green and purple chunks all over my head. Or I could get a coleur experte thing, and do some kind of red with blonde highlights.
Suggestions in comments! please! Make me feel loved.


May. 21st, 2003 09:40 am
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Blah. I have the cold that Conall had over the weekend. Maggie and her delicate little hacking cough suggest that she, too, is afflicted. I'm pondering a nice long bubble bath for the both of us. That, or drilling a hole in my sinuses to let out some pressure.
Work wasn't all that bad..I had to stay half an hour late last night to finish charting, and my legs are killing me because I picked up a pair of El Cheapo Payless sneakers (they need to be white for clinical) with an eye to replacing them as soon as I got a paycheck. Speaking of which, I finally get paid tomorrow! Yay, and all that. The lady training me thinks that I can handle a partial patient load on my own on Thursday, so I'll be on my own to do 4 residents, I guess. Friday I am going to the Harp straight from work and listening to the seisun, damn it. I haven't been in months. Also I think that a little Strongbow is in order after this week.
My bike ride ambitions have been dampened (heh) by the cold wet dank outside my door. I'm almost ready to go to the roller rink just so I can use my blades- the road around the park is in dire need of repaving, and the rail trail is a bitch in the rain going over that wooden bridge. I was supposed to be able to exercise outdoors by now, dang it. My secret shame is that I'm thinking of joining Curves once I have a set schedule at work..30 minutes of circuit training sounds good, as does the price, but I'm just opposed to the idea of a women-only gym. At least nobody from Smith has heard me refer to it as a "chick school" lately. ;)
Ok. Off to make 7 cups of tea in an effort to soothe my throat and drown this frelling cold.
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Oh. Mah. Gawd. All I will say is that I really, really want to die all at once instead of in little tiny pieces. The patient load is pretty heavy, though if most everyone who was just hired sticks around it will be manageable and I'll even be able to find time to be nice to the residents. I think that the CNAs that have been there a while just get into the habit of being harried all the time, like it takes more than 2 seconds to knock first or any time at all to explain what you're doing and talk to the person while you do whatever you need to do. I saw more rules broken in my first hour there than I saw at Cains, even, and I think OSHA was ready to write them up as committing human rights abuses.
As far as I can tell, though, from people who've worked in the field for a while, most nursing homes are going to be just like this one, so better the devil I know than the devil I don't, plus there's that lovely shining Career Ladder beckoning with its free tuition. The faster I become an RN the faster I can work in something other than long term care.
I'm supposed to do laundry today but I don't know where the quarters are. I might find them faster if I got off my ass, I'd wager.


Apr. 21st, 2003 07:31 pm
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My minor bruise on rear thigh portions is humongous and tender. Sitting on a hardwood chair all day did not help. Sitting on a hardwood chair all day with no textbook for my class because UPS dropped the ball and the books were in Philadelphia while we were all in Massachusetts really really didn't help.
Soon I shall be a productive member of the workforce. Muahahahahahaha.
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I tripped on an uneven patio stone this afternoon and not only twisted my ankle but also sat down hard on my son's plastic beach pail. I can't see to check, but I suspect that I still have bucket shards in my ass. Add that to a sunburn and a twinging ankle and you have a recipe for fun. :P
The kids are squeaky clean in preparation for being dressed like dorks and taken to Gramma's tomorrow. I treated myself to a schexxy blouse from Old Navy and a pretty sweater that conveniently makes a sweater set with another shirt that I got a while back at Tarzhay. I got rid of 8 garbage bags full of clothes and 3 full of shoes in the last two weeks, so I don't feel too bad. (And the sweater was from Salvation Army.. as long as you leave with less than you dropped off you're doing well.)
My parents left for Ireland this afternoon, and I'll be housesitting over there as soon as my sister and her bf (who brought them to the airport) clear out. She warned me not to stop by unless I wanted to be "shocked and awed"..they haven't been alone with each other for a while. She gets to take the truck for the week, little twerp. *grouse* I, however, have keys to the Blazer "if you guys really need a second car for a day." Don't think an urge to check out back roads in a car with actual ground clearance and 4WD is need, though.


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