Oct. 27th, 2005 08:30 am
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Whoops. Forgot that J and I *both* had appointments this morning...
Thank goodness I had cleverly scheduled mine during school hours anyway. *dashes*
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Club plus extended bike ride on antique single-speed bike = teh ow. Good thing I'm going to work tonight so I can do 4-5 miles of walking.

Prediction that I made on drive home last night has greeted me this morning. I am torn between patting myself on the head for brilliance and indulging a relapse of that whole stomach thing.

*rests head gently on keyboard*
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6 more months as a one-car household. I can do it. *zzzthud*
Got up at 4:45 AM after going to bed at 12-something so I can have the car to get groceries this morning. I barely made it down the hall, since I was listing so badly to the right, and I think I called the kids by the names of some of the residents at work when I was getting them up to drive Jaimey to work. And in case it was in doubt, yes, of course it's too much to ask that they actually go back to bed for another hour. Maggie napped and nursed for 45 minutes, but I won't get back to sleep until this afternoon.
Does a 4 hour nap after the spouse is home negate the logic of going grocery shopping in the morning so that I actually get to spend an evening off with my family all in one place? Probably, huh.


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