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2005-11-15 08:03 pm
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Dear Body

You are not the sort of mammal that hibernates. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to be this frelling hungry all the time. I have eaten more since the kids got home than I usually do in an entire day, for mercy's sake. Enough with the "Oooh, and that sounds good..and that.. and that.. ooh, I think I need a snack!"

Love and smooches,

Oh, and I have just discovered the unpleasant way that I am allergic to cats.
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2005-09-12 11:34 pm
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Aw, somebody nominated me! I am a babe, the internet says so!

Took a 5 hour nap.. which is sad, since that's roughly as much sleep as I get in a night anyway. But I slept through dinner- having forsaken breakfast and lunch already- and the Hey Dumbass, Eat Something bells were going off when I woke up and I have a ton of paperwork to do, so of course I am sitting and staring blankly at lj. Tomorrow will not be terribly efficient. Then again, the only thing I ever do terribly efficiently is procrastinate.

The presence of an open nook in the closet has convinced my cat that she is a fearsome predator. How does one properly mount a trophy ankle?

Things I am not looking forward to: the rest of this week. And now I have eaten and the couch beckons. Mm. Couch.