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Ladies, are you certain your hygiene is up to snuff?
[Link is all about how to use LYSOL to disinfect your 'area'. You may wish to chain your knees together before clicking.]

I acquired my dad's weed whacker this afternoon and set out with much glee to tackle the patio. It was pretty when it was wildflowers in bloom. Now it is really tall wildflower foliage with spiders in it, ew ew ew. Pumpkin has been harvested, and I found one chrysalis... alas, the weed whacker is completely inadequate in the face of chest-high queen anne's lace, so I need to find my gloves and garden shears and take care of it manually. Maybe I'll just run the weed whacker on idle in the background...

I seem to have talked myself out of running to the hardware store tonight, so the garden may be on hold, but I cleared out enough of the front room that I can use it as a staging area for all the crap I could drag out of the Black Hole of Calcutta front closet. Past experience tells me that my MIL will turn up when the room reaches Peak Chaos Levels, which can only be trumped by any sort of Unfortunate Dust Incident that leaves me covered in high-contrast schmutz. But damn it, the point of a closet is not just to keep stuff in, but also to be able to find it and get it back out at your leisure. [Guess which necessary garden implements are probably in there? Grr.] I am worried that I won't have the energy to tackle it again tomorrow after giving blood, though. With my luck I'll have another midnight burst of energy (ok, that was adrenaline because my phone rang three times when I was half asleep and scared the crap out of me.)

This is me, ignoring the second story and the laundry pile that ate the landing.

Did I mention that my compost bucket has real, honest to god soil in it? I am so excited. And now I am off to the shoe mines- I am going to remove the entire contents of the closet and then attempt to put about half of them back in with some sort of organization. I will resist setting fire to the other half. Maybe.
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There appear not to be a reasonable number of hours between my previous post and this one. Ah, well, I can tip over as soon as it's dark.

This made me giggle. You should click it. SFW, all that good stuff.

/em staggers off for coffee.
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Go watch this. (Daily Show interview with Bernard Goldberg, author of the 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America book.)

Also check my spiff new icon, which is not nearly as awesome as this interview.


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