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Hey, guess what we don't have this morning?


Guess what I need to do?

Bathe, do dishes, and wash laundry!

Guess what that takes? Yeah, you guessed it. So instead of being productive this morning, I am taking some old cardboard and making a sign that says "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO PURCHASE HERE" to go over my door. And then I am going to go look at two apartments far, far away from here.

[My one consolation is the possibility that it's raining buckets inside Drunk and Drunker's apartment, as they are upstream* of us. But I'm just not that lucky, I know it.]

*Don't even get me started on how fucking retaaaaaahded the plumbing is here. All I have to say is "cheapest and fastest possible conversion from pig barn to student apartments" and that pretty much covers all of it.
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One more day. I can do one more day.
Payroll screwed up Jaimey's vacation pay and he got no paycheck whatsoever this week. Not that we were broke and depending on that or anything.
But it's 8:00, so that limits the number of other things that can go wrong before I go to bed.


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