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What color dreads do I want to buy?

Available choices listed here. I may just barely need two bags, so mixing colors is sort of an option, though I worry that it would look silly, attached as they are to a mohawk.

My* top choices are chestnut brown, baby pink, burgundy, or violet surprise. Ack! Choice is hard.

*If you think some other color would be way better, suggest it. Those are just my favorites.
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Yep. Still sick. Painfully sore throat has been replaced by moderately irritated throat, and clogged nose has been replaced by endlessly runny nose and sneezing 15 times in a row every other minute. And I'm out of Irish Breakfast decaf.
Work is going well. I did 5 residents on my own last night, and I actually feel like I know what I'm doing, which is always good. I feel bad about having been in such a good mood all night, though- two residents passed away yesterday, and a third is in the hospital and expected to last maybe another 24-48 hrs, and then there's two more who took major turns for the worse in the last few days. Between that and the endless dank, most everybody was just kind of tired and bumming yesterday, except for me who was in Chipper Overdrive all night. (Sudafed plus sobe energy drink plus finding my sea legs.)
I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight I *will* go to the Harp after work, and tomorrow I get to meet some Boston-area fuqueaux who have twisted my arm into hanging out in Northampton, Sunday my sister's boyfriend graduates from UMass (though I don't think we're going to that, or the bbq afterwards), and Monday we're watching the parade from my parents' house.
Somewhere in there I need to check the dress code and see what sorts of fun things I can do with my hair. I *heart* Vanessa Olivarez's hairdo from the AI finals on Wednesday. I want to do that ever so much. Or maybe just red, blue, green and purple chunks all over my head. Or I could get a coleur experte thing, and do some kind of red with blonde highlights.
Suggestions in comments! please! Make me feel loved.
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I got my 0ga clear plugs in. It might have hurt just a tiny little bit. (I took two motrin, and I had to lie down on the bed to do the second one because I feared a repeat of the time I passed out in my parents' bathroom and clocked my head on the toilet on the way down after piercing my ears with a safety pin.)
Now I'm trying to bleach everything but the roots of my hair. My scalp is still tender. The roots are 3 shades lighter than the ends, because I had about a half an inch that has never been dyed, so it lifted much faster. I told my husband DO NOT PUT THE BLEACH DOWN TO MY SCALP. I showed him the line where the color changed and said "Only bleach the hair past this line. Do not get bleach on my scalp." First swipe, he started rubbing it down into my scalp. So now it stings, because he is a dumbass.
I hate the "I do not want to do this so instead of saying so I will just do it so badly that you get annoyed and take it over."
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I got a perfect score on my final!
We had a little graduation ceremony, Jaimey and the kids got some cake, I got a flower, and the teacher pulled me and two other students aside to tell us that if we should decide to work somewhere other than this facility *cough hint cough* that she and the other nurse who co-taught would be delighted to provide us with references.
The Staff Development Coordinator continues to give us the polar opposite of warm, fuzzy feelings...and orientation is scheduled during the day, which means that either we cough up money for a drop-in daycare (assuming we can even find one by Thursday) or Jaimey has to call out "sick".
Hi. You asked for our preference of hours. I said 3-11. Do you suppose that THINGS SCHEDULED AFTER 3PM are perhaps easier for me to attend? But anyway.

I shall finish bleaching my hair tonight- the top is a little brassy- and try again to get my cute clear acrylic plugs in. I got a ballpoint pen through my ear last night. Maybe I should go gross out the neighbors.
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I am blonde. I hit it with 30vol and it left it a lovely coppery red shade, so I hit up Big Gay Barry for some 40vol developer and he also had some powder with blue toner in it. Now it's white at the roots and still somewhat brassy on top. I think I might need to hit parts of it one more time, but it can wait until I get down to Sally's and buy my own supply of this miraculous, blueberry scented dust. (Also, my scalp will never forgive me if I bleach 3x in one day.)
I am also not pregnant. This is good, since while we would have enjoyed the dubious honor of Most Obscenely Fertile People On Earth, it really would have sucked to get pregnant after my husband had a vasectomy. I'm trying out the purple box of o.b. (aka the "stuff an entire sheep up your twat" size) and counting the days until menopause. (At least 25 more years, if my mother is any indication. *sigh*)

Well then. That was enough oversharing for tonight.


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