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Hi, can you tell my motivation extends as far as messing around with photoshop today, and precious little else?

Overslept this morning- I had my good ear in the pillow and the bad ear up, which means I can hear exactly jack and squat. The kids didn't wake me up because they know how to turn the alarm off, and because they were doing something they weren't supposed to be and knew I'd put a stop to. (Chair fort, and marble races down the slope of the hardwood.) OTOH, C-dawg was fully dressed and had finished his homework when I woke up 10 minutes post-bus, so we got him to school sort of on time.

And now, for your edification: Dangermouse wants you all to know that she is very tragic. Additionally, I stand by the assertion that she is totally channelling my little sister.


Dec. 9th, 2005 09:32 am
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(Just not til after we move.)

I loves Google Maps, I does.
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See, it's one of those witty things, where it is both figurative, because I am pissed off about many, many, many things, and literal, because it's, like, a hat. With a crab on it.

Went to the hospital blood bank this morning, where the nurse offered to talk about Bush in order to bring my blood pressure back up and keep me from being lightheaded. She was fascinated by the large gauge lobe piercings and suggested putting one of those florist tubes through one so I can wear fresh flowers. Found out that my iron's the best it's been in ages, so either I'm more dehydrated than I thought or the vitamins are actually helping. I also saw one of my professors on the wall of repeat donors- they've got plaques for 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 gallons donated. (There's only one guy with a 20 gallon one.) I'm still peeved that the Red Cross owes me two gallon pins, but it's not enough of an annoyance to actually call them and ask for one or anything. Got a coupon for free ice cream (it was that or a letter opener), not from Coldstone-who's-never-open, but for a pint of Bart's Homemade. I got pumpkin. It is tasty. It is somewhat improving my outlook on the day.

As predicted, my energy level is much closer to "nap" than "clean the entire front room and build shelves and sweep and vacuum and paint", but I could maybe accomplish "order chinese" later. I need to do laundry, but I can't decide if I should hide at my parents' and do it free but inefficiently or just suck it up and waste a night reading in the laundromat. Either option requires motivation that is in tragically short supply. Beating it on rocks down at the river sounds vaguely satisfying.

In completely irrelevant news, I missed a stripe shaving my leg. I hate that.
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Number nine is my favorite. )
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Go watch this. (Daily Show interview with Bernard Goldberg, author of the 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America book.)

Also check my spiff new icon, which is not nearly as awesome as this interview.


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