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I. I am bored with my jerb. No frenetic pace, no puzzles to solve, ample time to get my not terribly challenging tasks done, which leads to my inner procrastinatrix just taking the fuck OVER (oh hai there, blog and BBS and unrestricted web access! how YOU doin'?) and... I mean, I am getting things done that they want, and feeling a minor cheering burst of confidence that I am, in fact, eminently capable of all of them, but meh.

And then boredom leads to depression leads to my near-endless capacity for self-defeat and I still wonder why I agreed* to leave the best job ever, complete with sarcastic genius boss at whose feet I could sit and learn shit forever (this was, in fact, pretty much the career path he planned out for me - hang out, learn shit, and do more and more of it as I learned. This is pretty much my concept of heaven, y'all.)

*[Ostensibly I have chosen to preference Boy's career over mine because he makes a substantial amount more and has things like free cars and 15% match on his 401(k) and paid education and pretty much unlimited growth potential, whereas I was one notch below the top already at a company that pays decent but whose true perks are far more insubstantial, and consist of things like "sarcasm" and "not-shitty coworkers" and "don't have to look adult or professional unless strangers are coming." I'm sure I could have grown the responsibilities of the position, and been fairly compensated for same, but nobody was taking over the world from there.

Also, he's been ambitious his whole life long, whereas I'm just looking for something that gets me out of the house, pays enough that household finances don't involve any magic tricks by necessity, and engages at least 1/2 to preferably 3/4 of my brain.
This change is telling me that yes, actually, I am ambitious in the sense that I want to be taken seriously and recognized as not just good at what I do but also good at something that people consider relatively high-falutin' because let me tell you, nobody has a lick of respect for the Best Damn Asswiper that ever wiped. But not in the sense that I want to tear my way up the corporate ladder to management; I want to find a niche full of delicious puzzles and be left the fuck alone there to tinker with some decent and like-minded people...yeah, about that meant to be an engineer thing.

Also, societal expectations, default blah blah, endless guilt if he turned down his dream and went to a (still better paying than mine, goddamn it) mid-level beige type job so we could stay in a state neither of us are particularly fond of just so I could stick with a company who will let me sit at the big kids' table someday and who generally regard me as a precocious and pretty damned useful child not-male** not-engineer.

**{Is there a word, equivalent to the god-awful 'oreo' or 'twinkie' for someone who is outwardly female but gets told all the time that she's one of the guys? You know, the good minority.}]

II.I grow weary of only having friends accessible via electronic widget. Not that they aren't all awesome, but I am about a 13 on a 1-10 scale of extroversion and I just want to go do things with people not already living in my household. See above re: boredom > depression > endless capacity for self-defeat.

III. I am considering medicating the ADHD to try and mitigate this, but bottom line is that the voice in the back of my head keeps saying "You're perfectly able to adult when the job is right for you; why the fuck are you medicating yourself into one that's wrong?" Except I don't know that I can find the right one out here; the fast-whirling chaos seems to be strictly a northeast thing, and anyhow I don't have enough industry experience to pick and choose just yet and realistically I need to suck it up and find a way to function at my best here instead of just going through the motions which is a short trip to mediocreville.

So, in summary, meh.
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The next person who critiques Obama (who has most certainly done things I disapprove of, yes) by saying that both candidates are exactly the same is getting a world-class bitchslap, I tell you what.
As a citizen with both a uterus and a daughter, I can say in no uncertain terms that only one candidate has even a modicum of respect for our rights, and that is an enormous and entirely unsubtle distinction. Don't insult me by pretending not to notice that in order to score cynicism points.

It's like claiming that eating a Twinkie and drinking Drano are exactly the same because they're both bad for you.
Obama will continue Bush-era policies that detain people illegally, barely dent the status quo of corporate power and greed, and cede points to a bunch of uncompromising asshats in the name of getting other shit done. Those are actions of a reasonable, thoughtful person who can't fix everything that is wrong.
Romney will disenfranchise you, gut regulation and the social safety net and turn the country over his bazillionaire cronies to rape and pillage every last dime- and then make you prove it was a forcible rape.


This is a decent yet flawed leader vs. a complete raving fucktard LOON.

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Mar. 31st, 2011 07:58 am
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I think 95% of internet arguments ought to end with this:
My time and lack of aggravation are more valuable to me than the maximum potential drop in your stupidity, so let me summarize- STFU.
... followed by a lovely walk outside.

Not quite pithy enough for a tshirt. Pity.

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Here is some followup on everybody's favorite bias cut* freudian slip.

I don't blame the photographer for actively promoting a racist ideology, but I still say that those pictures along with others do illustrate a distinct media bias that goes beyond a jarring juxtaposition of captions, and well outside the bounds of this particular disaster.

I also realize that there are far more damaging forms of racism at work- like the kind that left the poorest (read: darkest) inhabitants of a city to what only an idiot** could pretend wasn't certain doom, or the Monday morning quarterbacks who looked at the unfolding disaster from afar and tut-tutted the "stupidity" of being too poor to get out and not doing whatever it took to survive, then turning around and in the same breath blaming them for doing what they needed to stay alive and taking*** food and water from abandoned, waterlogged stores.

I still believe that any sort of sweeping awareness of the indisputable fact that media bias can and does slant everything we see- and no, I'm not talking about the conspiracy of a "liberal" media- is a good thing. If one person looks more closely at the wording of a story and thinks about whether or not it's racist in the wake of this, that's one person more than was thinking about it yesterday. Of course conservatives will cry foul, and use the same logic of "No, really, it's a coincidence, doesn't prove a thing" to paint us all as lily-livered, oversenstive reactionaries- but do you honestly believe that if we all just researched a tiny bit better, conservative bloggers everywhere would lay down their keyboards and admit we're right? We've seen them lie in the face of indisputable evidence**** before.


In other news, I'm off to go camping until Monday. If I haven't posted by the middle of next week, assume I've been eaten by bears. Also, if anybody gets wed, dead or has other life-changing news, send me a heads-up via email. myusername at el jay dot com.

*Who the hell looks good in bias cut fabric? What type of figure? It sure as hell isn't mine.
** Not to name names, but a certain G. "Nobody expected the levees to break" W. B. is on my list.
*** I will not call it stealing. I call it common fucking sense.
****I mean real evidence, not that namby-pamby shit that supports the theory of evolution. [Ow, I think I just pulled my sarcasmatron on that one.]


Aug. 9th, 2005 09:47 am
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The tagline to an article discussing sexism in Harry Potter:

Jane Elliott is a freelance writer and a graduate student who lives in Philadelphia. AOL keywords: "feminazi" and "wetblanket".

(The Salon article she references can be found here, if you're interested.)


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