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  1. Dear Assface: While it does seem apparent that your stupidity is sufficiently advanced as to be considered a 'handicap', I'm pretty sure you still need a placard to park there. Thppt.
  2. Yay for Toys R Us going out of business sales. The kids have needed new bikes for a while- Dangermouse is still on a trike, and C-Dawg has a little bitty 12" bike that causes his knees to whack his elbows. (When the younger child is outgrowing the larger of the two bikes, it is perhaps past time to replace them.) I'd had a vague plan to check the store clearance for bikes, and since we were at the Maul today, I got them each one of these. Schwinn Stingrays, 16", in purple and black, for under $50 each. Now we just need new helmets for my large-headed scots, and in a few months we'll be teaching them both how to ride 2 wheelers.
  3. ...aaaaand it's back up to 50 degrees, after a low of 8 Monday morning. Whiskey tango foxtrot, over.
  4. Also yay for Sears clearance, where I did not buy a suit (sigh- there was no way Dangermouse would consent to the fitting rooms) but did pick up a floor jack and jack stands, and two wire brush bits for my dremel tool. Now if the Audi dealership would just call me to say that my parts are in, that would be kinda awesome. Starling did get a bath today, though, at SUPER CRAZY OMG $4 TUESDAY carwash. So that's not exactly the same thing as a parking brake and an oil change, but she is very shiny and purple.
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I'm selling the pink corset- dropping 20 lbs has resulted in shifting of bits, among other things, and it just doesn't fit right any more. It was purchased at Arisia last year for $280; I'd like to get at least $150 for it. It's an overbust, size 28. (I would recommend it for somebody who is roughly my size, only with tits.) I'm mentioning it here before I put it up on eBay or any of the lj communities just because I'd much prefer doing business with people I sorta know. It is extremely pink. Trust me. And don't worry, you won't get the four-boob effect unless you also experienced Extreme Deflation recently.

Also up for grabs is a fuck-tonne of large gauge jewelry. Since this is not a terribly common hobby, just drop me a line if you wear 1/2" or 9/16" or would like to and we can discuss what I've got.

I need to clear this stuff out of my house, but I can't really afford to just give it all away. Other crap:
-one aran cardigan sweater, natural off-white, size large-ish.
-lots of cutesy print fabric that never became scrubs
-one pleather flasher trenchcoat
-blue and white cheongsam (short skirt), size 42- the skirt is somewhere around a 10, the top is a bit too large for me so maybe a 14?
-scary pink dress, size.. 9? 11? Someone a hair smaller than me, or my size only with, y'know, a waist.

If anybody's interested, I could be talked into selling the satellite receiver. Dish 500.

Expect heavy pimping of ebay auctions if I have to suck it up and list things.
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Mmm, clearance.

4 shirts (one pink crewneck, one purple stripey crewneck, one magenta and orange hawaiian print blouse, one lightweight white blouse with blue and green flowers)
1 skirt (turquoise sweatshirt material, a-line)
2 pairs pants (purple linen capris, turquoise cargo pants)
1 camp shirt, green and blue plaid
1 pair blue plaid boxers
1 men's pink striped oxford shirt

Not a single item over $5. (Ok, so the shirt is mine, but still. The kids are set for school clothes and neither gramma has made good on their threat of cute stuff yet.) If I can walk out of the store with a bag that cuts off circulation to my hand for under $50, I will call that a deal. Who pays full price for Old Navy stuff, anyway?
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I tripped on an uneven patio stone this afternoon and not only twisted my ankle but also sat down hard on my son's plastic beach pail. I can't see to check, but I suspect that I still have bucket shards in my ass. Add that to a sunburn and a twinging ankle and you have a recipe for fun. :P
The kids are squeaky clean in preparation for being dressed like dorks and taken to Gramma's tomorrow. I treated myself to a schexxy blouse from Old Navy and a pretty sweater that conveniently makes a sweater set with another shirt that I got a while back at Tarzhay. I got rid of 8 garbage bags full of clothes and 3 full of shoes in the last two weeks, so I don't feel too bad. (And the sweater was from Salvation Army.. as long as you leave with less than you dropped off you're doing well.)
My parents left for Ireland this afternoon, and I'll be housesitting over there as soon as my sister and her bf (who brought them to the airport) clear out. She warned me not to stop by unless I wanted to be "shocked and awed"..they haven't been alone with each other for a while. She gets to take the truck for the week, little twerp. *grouse* I, however, have keys to the Blazer "if you guys really need a second car for a day." Don't think an urge to check out back roads in a car with actual ground clearance and 4WD is need, though.


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