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First, your adorable car of the day. [1965 Ford Falcon Wagon, for the curious.] It is dreamy. It's also for sale for $3k... which I do not have and couldn't justify spending anyway. But, awww.

What I do have is an electric purple 1986 Audi 4000S. After a frustrating phone call to a clueless woman at the Registry with the thickest Boston accent I've heard in ages, and a FedEx delivery (the hot driver is no longer on my route. oh woe and tragedy.) I got plates for it, and am waiting on J to drive me down to pick it up. Zoom! And I will own it free and clear, so no worries about resale value if it were to, say, start resembling a converse sneaker with a metal roller skate strapped onto it. *whistles innocently*

J is inheriting the prizm, which is why it does not yet have flames on it- although when I told my mom that it would not be getting them because he didn't want to get hassled for driving it, she said, and I quote, "He needs to suck it up."

Am still bummed, because the shop manual for the Fairlane arrived today- nabbed it off of ebay before the frame rust was discovered. I'm giving it to the guy who owns it, since he's decided to take a crack at restoring her. But! Electric purple rollerskate. Yay!

oh, and

Oct. 3rd, 2005 02:17 pm
aunthippie: old hippies in tie dye (car)
..I made the car a journal of her own. Not, mind, that I have caught any car geek cooties or anything.


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