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  • Had to run out and get sneakers for Lesser Evil yesterday, because she was putting on closed-toe shoes for the first time in 3 or 4 months and started yelling OW OW OW OW because she had, of course, gone up a size and a half. And also of course, she wanted the more expensive of the two hello kitty sneakers.
  • Today is National Get Out and Play day, and Nickelodeon will not be broadcasting. I told them that all the TV channels were participating, and then after they went to bed I set it to the Sirius '80s Hair Bands' station and programmed in a parental lock. The TV will show nothing else until after they are in bed tonight.
  • Dangermouse refuses to believe that monsters don't exist. Any statement to that effect is met with a headbutt and a look that says "You guys are in on the grownup conspiracy and going to feed me to them, aren't you." So, rather than continue to argue the point, I told her that I would let her in on the secret: Monsters do exist, but they like to live near food. Ours live under the refrigerator, and reach out with their tentacles to nibble on ankles of anybody raiding the fridge while it's dark out. But if she doesn't bring food up to her room, and goes to bed on time, they'll never know she exists and will leave her alone. She bought it. (Also, her blanket is made from the fur of the last monster that tried to nibble my ankles when I was making myself dinner after work.)
  • I have used the phrase "Want in one hand and put a mitten* on the other and see which one stays warm" often enough that C-dawg repeated it to his sister when she said she wanted to watch a video.
  • I threatened to shave both kids' heads if they did not start cooperating during shampoos. This rather predictably backfired and I spent the rest of the day telling Dangermouse that no, she could not actually shave her head.

    *It's amazing what you come up with when you realize mid-sentence that maybe you shouldn't swear. My mom loves it; said she was going to start using it in the classroom.
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It's 10 AM.. do you know what else could go wrong today?
My head hurts. Money continues to come from the traditional sources and not fall from the sky or grow on trees. Maggie and the cat are in an all out cage match to the death in the kitchen. Still no daycare for tomorrow.
And the REACH person is late. Not that the house is clean or that I've changed out of my pajama bottoms, mind you.


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