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Brain screaming "NOT THIS DAMMIT" without providing even a glimmer of what would be tolerable? Check.
One near-death, one death, and a semi-significant number for tomorrow's birthday? Check.
One continual urge to just grab spouse and kids and a handful of posessions and make for the sunset, or at least a cheaper and less densely populated place I have never been to before? Check.
Ever-increasing amounts of hair dye required to distract me from all of the above? Check.

Fie, I say.

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My grampa lost his (second) battle with cancer early Monday morning. He beat it once, 20 years ago, and I am beyond grateful for that extra time. I'm also grateful that he was able to live all but the last month of those 93 years- really, what more can anybody hope for?

There were only two pictures in existence of all 15 of the grandchildren together- one at September St., when the youngest was about a year old, and one full of eye-rolling teenagerliness that was taken inside the house (I think.) We recreated it, minus my cousin Mike (he died a few years ago), yesterday, and added a pic of all but the four youngest great-grandchildren in a boisterous, messy heap. I really can't think of a better tribute to him.

Au revoir, grampy. The world has a little less class today, and you are missed.

(For those of you interested, you can read the obituary here.)
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Doesn't look good for my grampa. Hoping for a painless transition for him and enough zen for me to get through a full work day tomorrow since my leave won't start right away.
Do not want to be in this godforsaken metropolis tonight, damn it.

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Aug. 30th, 2011 10:26 am
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Dear God: please may we have Molly Ivins back? She's really the best defense against a Perry candidacy. I understand if you like the company, but surely you don't intend to punish us with the candidates we collectively deserve.

Dear Facebook: your share button is totally broken in mobile. Fix it.

Dear water: quit washing everything I like downstream, k?

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Is it wrong that I find the little fluffy bits so very pretty? I'm always fascinated to see the color like that.

Why yes, I do have a mohawk again. Was sorely tempted (and actually tempted, by partner-who-hates-mohawks daring me) to just go ahead and shave it all off, but I'm ever so fond of the hot pink. (Pic posted in the gallery, too lazy to thumbnail it here. Picture every other shot of me, only superimpose a hot pink mohawk over whatever hair comes to mind.)


Jul. 18th, 2011 12:26 pm
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Home sick, for the first time in over 2 years. Probably could have toughed it out, as my job is not the most physically taxing in the universe, but god damn it, my everything hurts. I have one of those things where out of the blue my digestive system tied itself in knots and every joint in my body feels like it was worked over by a guy named Vic wielding a baseball bat. Also my skin hurts. Experience suggests it'll last no more than 24-36h; I certainly hope so.

It's possibly some mild food poisoning combined with too much sun exposure, or the fumes from painting the trunk on Sunday (mmm, hardener), except I didn't get any sun really. At any rate, it has been declared a good idea to spend the day napping on the couch, proofreading a report naked and wrapped in a blanket (don't ask, it seemed like the best solution to the hot and cold flashes) and later I will have homemade chicken soup for which Paul is currently slaving away in our hot, stuffy kitchen because he is just that awesome.

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Last year for mother's day I was gifted with Starling v2.0 - a former coworker of [ profile] ursamajorra The Deleted's was selling the version of the old Audi 4000 I coveted, with the 5-cyl motor and a 5-spd. Throw in a "for you, I make it cheap!" price and it coming up for sale right when I got a raise, and poof, we were the proud owners of a new and improved internal combustion money pit.

It had some... quirks, but that's to be expected, even if it was owned by a technician. One of the engine mounts was shot, and there was this weird flat spot in the acceleration, so it went from tune up and go to pull the engine, rebuild it, look at any other assorted weirdness and do some quick body work, and go.

Then the engine was out, and while I may be perfectly content with a car pulling about 120HP, other people in this relationship were of the opinion that since it was out already, why put the puny engine back in when there were people who were putting older S6 motors in the Coupe Quattros and getting themselves some pretty sweet flying bricks out of it.

Then it simply couldn't be mated up to the existing transmission, because the gear ratio wasn't quite right, and there was endless research and debate on the Torsen vs the locking differential, and the AAN motor vs the 3B motor and what was physically possible and what was more desirable, at which point my brain kind of glossed over the technical details and I made the mistake of saying "You know this stuff better, I'm leaving it up to you" and went off to envision paint colors and how to redo the interior to match the totally sweet heated and air conditioned seats we got for free.

Did I mention that the entire interior came out of the car, because at some point fixing the rust in the passenger floorboards morphed into "hey, we should run the fuel and brake lines inside the car" and also not needing the old wiring harness and then while the carpet was up stripping the floor to bare metal, repainting it and laying down Dynamat so we can possibly have a conversation at 65mph?

Oh, and a car with as much power as this one was now going to have needed a better suspension to keep the wheels on the ground where they belong, and it was up on sticks already anyway....

And better brakes! Definitely needs better brakes, although at least Starling 2.0 started with rear disc brakes and not the much-vexing drums of my old girl.

So. Currently we have secured an engine (yay!) but not the parts to rebuild it (boo.) We sold the original transmission, have purchased two others of different flavors, one from Cleveland OH, which will both be resold to fund the purchase of a THIRD transmission, this one from just the other side of Toronto. But this one will be the right one, really honest.

Hey, anything to justify a road trip, right? and it's only an hour from the town in Canada where my sister needs genealogical research done...

The proper suspension has been identified, priced and a retailer located, and as soon as the nice black market kidney man gets back to me we should be able to buy it before the snow falls this year and take her down off the sticks and push her around (hey, the shell is really light without any of that pesky drivetrain crap in it!) and the wheels we got cheap are good enough to be our winter slash beater set.

While we're waiting to lay in a store of cash for that, we've been tackling the interior parts we have on hand, which are starting to suffer from a similar process of "improvement."

She'll be really nice when she goes, someday.
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Aiee. Having a bit of a peak in the ceaseless tides of my restlessness. Partly due to a determination not to let myself stop living after watching my parents and their sibs start to decide that they are old and decrepit, partly the usual instigator of "but what do I want to BE when I grow up?"

Not that I'm ungrateful that I've managed to dodge the question thus far, but still wrestling with accepting that I will neither have a job that fulfills me, nor make enough money to support myself any time soon doing the things that I love. I'm still not quite hitting that balance between "enough money, time and freedom to do things which are meaningful" and "job which doesn't piss me off." At least it's erring on the side of not pissing me off. Three months into New Job and everyone in the house is agreed that it is much nicer being around me when I am not wound tighter than a watch spring on crack dealing with Her Psychoness.

Of course it's physically impossible to lose 40 lbs, become an expert outdoorsperson, finally answer the question I haven't managed to in 35 years so far, raise a special needs kid and an overly bright and observant younger sib, and keep a roof over our heads in the Second Most Expensive Place On Earth all at once. Tell my brain that, or that I'm not a failure for not doing it all yesterday.

Fie, I say.
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The ability to make every driver around me use his or her turn signals.
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So. As some of you are already aware, my kids go to the "environmental science" magnet school. (Well, actually, the older one now goes to the gifted, talented & performing arts middle school. Ay, the aging, it hurts.)

Aside from my rant about the line of SUVs idling every morning in the dropoff lane because
1) Special NJ snowflakes can't go outside, they might get cold/wet/hot/bitten by bugs/looked at funny and
2) Heaven forfend a child spend more than 17 unsupervised seconds before the age of 18 and
3) Mom is in a rush to get to her 9AM yoga class/ get her bush frosted/ grab a latte on the way to her high powered job in The City
(Side note: not sure this rant made it here, but it was definitely on the book of faces)...

...and the fact that budget cuts forced them to lay off the environmental science teacher...

Anyway, other than all THAT, it's totally green!* So last Friday was the ecofair slash school picnic, which was a complete clusterfracas. I was supremely irritated to be dealing with a crying child, because the email specifically said there would be a free BBQ and desserts sold by the PTA, yet when we got there an hour after it started there was no food other than the PTA table (selling rice krispie treats for a buck apiece), and at 6:30 a catering truck finally showed up with shitty mac n cheese, fried chicken, anemic salad, and a bunch of mayo-based food poisoning in a bowl type stuff. (Fried chicken and catering trucks: not a BBQ, last I checked.) No vegetarian option, unless you count the totally anemic garden salad, but whatevs. I didn't complain about that, because the PTA policy appears to be along the lines of "Open Thy Mouth And It Shall Become Thy Problem."

I lost patience, however, when I was standing on line (for half an hour) and saw how much plastic trash was on the ground. Cups, forks, little plastic toys that were party favors, and a handy plastic bag! to gather it all. Dangermouse and I took turns ducking out of line to collect it and wound up filling a normal sized plastic shopping bag. I walked up to her first grade teacher, who is a big proponent of the environmental curriculum, and asked her how big of a donation I had to make in order to get that bag hung off the wall in the lobby for Monday morning. Luckily, she was in charge of cleanup, and was more than happy to do exactly that.

We'll ignore the fact that she was the only one who got it (two teacher's aides and several parents gave me blank looks), but I could not resist posing the bag of garbage ironically with the flyer on "Waste Free Lunches" which is nothing but a list of stores where you can buy cute, plucky and overpriced products like stainless steel straws and bamboo lunchboxes.

Yeah, me and NJ still don't get along.

*To be fair, the entire new school building is LEED certified, uses runoff from the roof to water an organic garden, and has all the latest and greatest in energy efficiency technology. Still.
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Some relevance.
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I am in need of many many colors of manic panic, but only in tiny portions. Who has spare gloop? I am down to rock star red, plum, and hot pink. I need a little bit of everything.

Raar, pt 2

Apr. 1st, 2011 08:07 pm
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It is morally defensable to bust out the pitchforks and torches when reading an article about how some poor executive had to forgo half his bonus in these tough economic times. Particularly if nothing but the fold separates it from an article on how many formerly middle class people are seeking help from the food bank.
Sorry little Timmy won't be getting his solid gold braces, dickface.

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Mar. 31st, 2011 07:58 am
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I think 95% of internet arguments ought to end with this:
My time and lack of aggravation are more valuable to me than the maximum potential drop in your stupidity, so let me summarize- STFU.
... followed by a lovely walk outside.

Not quite pithy enough for a tshirt. Pity.

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My fleecy pirate pants were eaten by the washer. Woe!

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Of COURSE it's on politics, duh. Have you met me?

Having a rather severe moment of irritation regarding all the false equivalency bullshit.

1. There IS such a thing as the truth, and there *is* a right thing to do, and anybody who tries to tell you otherwise is lying for political gain. This business about "Oh, well, everybody has a different opinion on whether that's a good thing?" BULL. SHIT. You can have an opinion in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, sure, but in the end THERE IS A RIGHT ANSWER. It usually does not involve fucking over the poor, minorities, women, or anybody else.

2. I care about the moral fiber of our politicians, but not in the way the media talks about it. See number one, regarding the fact that there *is* a right thing to do. If they do it, they have moral fiber. If they give a thousand lame excuses why they can't- because they might not get reelected, because the country "isn't ready yet," whatever- not so much. If they actively subvert the right thing in the name of their own gain (*cough, tea party billionaires, cough*) then they are on the side of Wrong, and they should be forcibly ejected from office. I'd prefer a cannon, personally, but I'll err on the side of non-violence on this one.

3. Hypocrisy? Also on the side of Wrong. Newt Gingrich leaving his wife for his mistress while said wife was in the middle of a serious illness? Well, that makes him an A-number-one dickface, but he's allowed to have human failings and still give politics a shot. Newt Gingrich doing all of the above and then running on a Family Values / Traditional Morals platform? BZZZT. GAME OVER, YOU ARE WRONG.
Also, I'd hope that the electorate will remember that he lost in utter disgrace a while back, but I'm from the state that fucking elected Mitt Romney after he was run out of town on a rail for his challenge to Ted Kennedy not 8 years earlier. Voting records and political history are impo..... oooh, look! shiny!

4. Seriously, guys, Jesus wouldn't like you very much. Trust me on this one.

5. I live in a country where Sarah Palin is taken seriously, and somehow I still have to go to sleep at night?
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Writing some vintage smut set during WWI. I need names of fabrics that were available then, and I know I have friends who know these things. Help a gal out?
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[Poll #1714802]

Edit: I should mention that I've been responsible for the ads for a year now, and until today it has been a-ok to use the phrase, as long as it's clear that we are officially only hiring CHHAs.
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LUSH Retro loves me.

Uluru, Dr. Peppermint, Waylander Rhassoul, Hot Java, Honey Bee Have... Budget be damned, if they bring back Phuket I am buying the damn store out.

(Hi, my girly comes out in the form of sniffythings. And eyebrow shaping.)
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Critters: Entertaining. Dialogue and characterization pretty good, actually.

Critters 2: OMG! Boobies! Excellent self-mockery.

Critters 3: OMG! Leo DiCaprio! I think I saw this movie; it was called Batteries Not Included.

Critters 4: I have to watch this? Really?


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