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"Mayor R. Carey Davis of San Bernardino said he had received a call from the White House and that President Trump offered to help “in any way possible.” Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education who has supported Mr. Trump’s promise to ban gun-free zones around schools, wrote on Twitter asking “everyone to join me in keeping the victims and all those impacted by today’s senseless violence in your prayers.”"

In Yet Another School Shooting, an estranged husband opens fire on his wife's special ed classroom. Betsy DeVos would like to offer her thoughts and prayers. Well ain't that thoughtful of her.

Not as thoughtful as taking back her asinine remark about needin' to pack heat in case bears attack your suburban classroom, mind.

Not as thoughtful as meaningful gun reform.

Or domestic violence reform.

But, go ahead, Betsy, you do you and keep them thoughts and prayers comin', maybe God will hear you and do us all the favor of zappin' some smart in your noggin. Or some shut in your yap.


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