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Since I need the writing practice, I asked [ profile] pisicutsa to give me an age, and then write about relationship/s, fears and best memory from that age. So, twenty-two....eeeesh.

At 22 I was newly married and a new mom. Soooooooo, that pretty much covers my fears- somebody handed me this wailing fragile pink thing and I was supposed to use some kind of magical learnings emanating from my uterus to know what to do with it? I was scared I was going to break him. I was scared that I was going to flail cluelessly for the next 18 years. And mostly, I was scared as hell to realize that the guy who thought now was a great time to have a kid liked the theory way, way better than the practice.

The best memory is the Smile- my sister was taking a child development class for Anthro at the time and she read that babies liked toys with faces, but she was a broke-ass college student, so she took a yellow post-it note and drew a smiley face on it. I stuck it to the underside of the sunshade on his stroller, and I swear to you that the post-it was C's favorite toy for months. It's still stuck to a page in his baby book- but that entire summer walking (and walking, and walking- somebody was colicky) miles a day with the kidlet and watching him stare at the smile was just awesome.
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