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I picked up a Wahl Tattoo, aka a glorified nose hair fine line trimmer, to see if I could create awesome designs on the side of my head that remains buzzed.
1. Not on my own head; drawing in hair is difficult enough without also doing it via paired mirrors.
2. I'm keeping it at a #4 guard for sufficient scalp coverage to hide the nolite tattoo. I think with my hair texture I need to be closer to maybe 2+ or 3 for designs to pop?
3. You know what's nice about bad results when your hair is half an inch long? It only takes about two weeks to get past it. If it were worse I'd have just gone guard-free for one more time, but I'll endure a few days of lawnmower jokes for the chance to try again sooner.
4. I'm really, really getting resistant to the idea of paying someone else to touch my hair in my old age.

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