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In memory of the 1995 March for Women's Lives, I sat outside on the town square with this sign for the evening.

By the numbers:
  • People who gave me the power fist and a smile: 4
  • Women who were tugged away by their partners while still trying to read it: 3
  • Guys who approved overtly: 3 - one my age, two much older
  • Guys who read it while stopped at a light and then studiously avoided eye contact: 5 - all 40ish in expensive cars
  • Nice kindly hippie ladies my mom's age who told me about marching for the ERA and commiserated over our lack of progress: 1
  • Cars who actually honked for something other than impatience: 2
  • Age of the boy who sounded the entire sign out while his mom? and family waited patiently: 5ish
  • Women who smiled: 14
  • Women who rolled their eyes: 3
  • Men who rolled their eyes: 5
  • Minutes spent trying to hang onto the sign in 40mph wind gusts with a broken finger and v. cold hands: 114
  • Lesbian couples who ignored the hell out of me: 1
  • Lesbian couples that actually exist in Montclair: at least one, right?
  • Cops who drove past and read the sign: 1
  • Cops who drove past and totally ignored me: 5
  • Teenaged girls who didn't even see me because they were texting their friends: 3


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