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Increasingly frustrated and pessimistic with the state of national affairs.

I posted the Elizabeth Warren quote that's going around to my facebook and got a somewhat predictable nibble from my too-smart-to-be-that-libertarian cousin in New Mexico, followed by a smackdown that I didn't even have to participate in (thanks, awesome friendslist!) but I'm still fussing over it because it's just not a medium for anything like a protracted discussion, and I have all sorts of more in depth thoughts to articulate, except argh, character limit and the boat has sailed already and also argh, thumbs on a tiny keyboard.

(My home internet is down in direct proportion to the frequency with which Upstairs Guy gets it up, as he shuts the router off if he's in the city overnight. Ahem.)

So, anyway. Raar stab sputter sputter sigh. Am trying to get the compunction to either fish for articles for the [ profile] dhlc, or maybe update [ profile] under_the_oak or possibly get gittin' on the New Project Of Much Secrecy And Procrastination I aim to launch sometime this decade with the lovely and intelligent [ profile] innostrantsa... or possibly watch tv and whack a brick against my frontal lobe until such time as I can concentrate on what's happening without wanting to weep tears of blood and immediately grab a molotov cocktail and hit the streets.
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