Aug. 29th, 2017

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First off, let me make one thing perfectly clear, since Aunt Hippie has nearly lost some molars over the pages and pages of apologist explanations for not punchin' a Nazi when you see one. As far as I'm concerned, these are the only valid reasons not to:
  • You're grossly outnumbered, or you have reason to believe said Nazi is armed, which amounts to the same thing

  • You're not physically capable of throwing a halfway decent punch and/or any follow-up actions such as running away or kicking the fucker whilst he's* down

  • There's cops nearby who may or may not be sympathetic to douchebag white supremacists, and you don't have bail money / have a job which requires you not gettin' arrested / have other legal, financial, or skin-color based reasons why interacting with the legal system is likely to cause you harm

  • ...nope, that's pretty much it.

* Aunt Hippie recognizes that some of these lackwits may in fact be of the uterine persuasion, or otherwise needin' a "she," but is gonna play the odds that the person in need of jaw adjustment is a white male of low to moderate income under the age of 30.

**Aunt Hippie also recognizes that she's late to the party on this one, but it's alright, I brought beer and some pasta salad- the good kind, with oil and vinegar and sugar snap peas, and anyhow I keep trippin' over links lately explaining why not, which is aggravatin' the daylights out of me.

Now, look. I don't typically advocate for violence. I let people cut in when I'm drivin. I repeat "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity" so often it ought to be a cross-stitch in my parlor. But there's two good reasons to make an exception for white supremacists.

First off, anyone bleatin' about how nice and law abiding their flavor of protest is ought to maybe live under the experience of havin' their very existence criminalized and see how much they care about abidin' by the law in that case. [And, to the woman in my local Suburban White Ladies' Handkerchief-Wringin' League who insisted that protest ought never be disruptive, and instead should just be standin' to the side meekly waitin' for people to listen and pay attention, I have a dictionary right here with your name on it.] I could go on at length about how the law is set up to perceive a collection of nice white ladies with signs as adorable, and a collection of black ladies with the same as threatening. Or how there's an ugly trend towards criminalizing free assembly. Or, well, pass on anything that's been written in the last 10 years about bias in the legal system. Bottom line is, you're going to run afoul of the law in some fashion unless you're not so much as brushin' past the status quo on a crowded subway train. And, not that two wrongs make a right under any circumstance, but do I really need to point out how often Nazis have done far worse than punchin' and not been treated to the county's finest accomodations?

It's as if the entire rule of law is designed to ensure that they have and keep the upper hand. Mercy, who ever would have suspected?

Second, there are some arguments that just don't deserve to be treated as worth arguing. Chief among them is the notion that some people, by some quirk of heritage, are more or less human than any others. There's no argument against it except to decisively declare it bullshit, and any normal exchange of debate involves some give and take, wherein you admit that they might have some valid point- which, did I mention earlier that they don't?
And second-point five, a fair number of them seem to feel like this is an intellectual exercise, similar to a debate club, where they're shielded from the real world consequences of their words because, after all, it's just playing devil's advocate, or havin' a thought exercise, or similar nonsense. In this instance Aunt Hippie quite thoroughly recommends connectin' their hateful words to reality by way of a fist.

Now. I'm sure a lot of y'all remember those schoolyard bullies, who would taunt and taunt and say the most vile, hateful things they could think up until you snap and deliver some manual orthodontia, at which point you're snatched off by a teacher who tells you you're in the wrong.

Those teachers are full of some high-grade manure.

If they were halfway doin' their job, they would have intervened well before the stage where you needed to step up and do the silencing yourself. They would have watched those bullies like hawks, not let them get you alone, or snatched them by the ear the first time they said something that was pure, distilled mean. Our culture, and our legal system, are that teacher, and they for sure aren't halfway doin' their job.


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