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Holy CRAP it's windy.

50, driving rain and howling wind. Seriously, did we acquire a seacoast overnight or something? Everybody from out Boston way still there, you haven't fallen into the ocean or anything?

So much for walking to CVS. If I gave Dangermouse the umbrella, she'd take flight.

EDIT: Damn. I just checked Wunderground and it's still warming up- 57ºF now. Yep, totally seasonal for the interior of Massachusetts in January.
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...wait, no, nothing but bad ideas from me this morning.

Bad Idea: Browsing Sock Dreams when it's grey and rainy and cold. (I did get away for only $15. Also, yay on free shipping.)

Bad Idea: Poking at the dry skin around your cuticles with an x-acto knife. (Ow. Not deep enough to bleed, but I really could have used those layers of skin.)

Bad Idea: Cold soda for breakfast when you're already jittery, headachey, and cold.

Bad Idea: "Identifying" things in nethack by just using them. (So far: blinded myself, shot myself with a firebolt, put on about 15 @#$$# cursed rings of aggravate monster, and dropped a boulder on my head. OTOH, having a game last 10 minutes on average is doing wonders for the 15 minute drill cleaning.)

Bad Idea: Taking your car to be inspected at the guy who everybody says is lenient, only he kind of hates your dad after this little scuffle when they were both on the zoning board...
...and you kept your last name
...and it's one of like 5 non-Polish last names in town
...and your softball coach chewed him a new bunghole on multiple occasions
...and the car isn't entirely roadworthy.
(Hey [ profile] pixel, will swap basement cleaning for some minor fixie? Call or poke in IM.)

Sigh. And I can't turn the heat on in the living room, because it's a baseboard electric heater that Not So Smallish Anymore Child stood on, and it's currently being propped upright by the humidifier. The velvet curtains are doing a lovely job of masking the fact that the slider is nothing even remotely resembling sealed or insulated, though.
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I swear, I'm going to start doing daily checks to make sure I'm not growing any mold. Bah on the neverending dank. [We've secretly switched Deirdre's regular location with the Pacific Northwest! Let's see if she notices...] We have now seen every Blue's Clues video at least 5 times. DVD player is out of commission without the remote control (grrr), and it's a little bit too cold to just slap on galoshes and raincoats and tell the kids to suck it up and play outside anyway. I am about to resort to an evening of gluing macaroni to paper, or, god forbid, fingerpainting.

I got the sun tattoo on my arm redone; it hadn't held up well after the red reaction and the runes were more or less unreadable, plus I felt a little bit weird having a tattoo of a sun right next to the mole I just had to have removed.* It's pretty much a brand new tat that just happens to occupy the exact same space as an older one, but I like the new color scheme. Haven't had to heal anything with any substantial surface area in ... damn, 10 years, and I forgot just how much "fun" it is. If only a week's worth of pain were enough to deter me. At least I can't afford as much ink as I want, or I'd be on tour with a sideshow by now. ;)

*Oh, yeah. I had a Freaky Mole (TM) on my arm removed because it was doing freaky things. Just got the biopsy back about a week ago; it had some abnormal cell changes but was benign. So I am going to be keeping a paranoid eye on the small sliver of it that remains- it was a 3mm mole that got a 2mm punch biopsy taken, so there's still a crescent of freaky to watch. Stupid lack of melanin.
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The river's a wee bit high, today, after the torrential nastiness of yesterday that landed on all of New England. Probably about 3-5 feet higher than the highest flood stage this spring, actually. Went around and got some pics of both that and some more localized stream flooding. Each thumbnail links to a larger version of the same picture.

The original course of this stream goes through the trees you see in the background.

You can see where the grass has been flattened from earlier, when the water was even higher.
A bunch more behind the cut. )
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I have been up, for reasons unknown to me, since 4:30AM.
After vainly trying to go back to bed for 2 hours, I got up, did two loads of laundry, brought the truck down for an oil change, went to the fabric store, put away laundry, cleaned the kids' room, and thoroughly ignored the dishes. :P

Whatever cold/sinus allergy-foo I have is making the surface of my brain itch, I swear. Gah. Going to shower and futz around with hair gel to see if I can do something fun with it. (Where fun= triple mohawk with gold gel.) Oh, yes, it's currently safety orange with white-blond bangs. Two inches til I can sew in wool thinking 3 bags of chestnut brown, with either flame orange or burgundy for 'highlights'. Instant waist-length hair! It's a match made in heaven for my attention span.

*sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* GAAAAAAAAAAH.

C-Dawg and I played 'rainforest expedition' in the parking lot behind the mall, which was filled with foot-deep puddles. Splooshy! (obAtLeastIt'sAWarmRain.)
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Local weather of note: We are on deck for a whole week of picture-perfect New England fall days. 40 degree nights, 70 degree days, and bright blue skies. W00t.

Also, because I am 12: Taiwan braces for powerful Typhoon Longwang. Any implied sucking and/or blowing jokes based on this would be far funnier than any actual joke I can come up with, so I'll leave it to y'all's imaginations.


Aug. 29th, 2005 12:14 am
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The more I read and hear about Katrina and New Orleans, the more worried I get.
I sincerely hope to be corrected for overreacting, but this has Real Bad Shit written all over it. And not just the hurricane itself, but the aftermath, when a densely populated city, assuming it's still standing and not under 30 feet of water, is cut off from basic sanitation.

Also, and I realize that my cynicism is showing, but 40k people in the Superdome just sounds like it's the script for a made-for-TV movie starring Corky's sister as the devoted new mom who dies trying to save her baby in the collapsing building.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 08:22 am
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Dear Weather:

Pls. stay exactly like this from now until mid-October.

Love and smooches,

(57 currently, high of 75, and blue skies with the occasional fluffy cloud. All it needs now is a light breeze and the smell of woodsmoke and leaves.)
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I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and had breakfast (chai and a cigarette, close enough) out on the patio. Of course Little Magpie cannot remain indoors if anybody else gets to be out, so she and Jaimey came out too and we spent the morning playing "how many balls can we throw into the pond?" Definitely one of my favorite games. *roll eyes* She managed to dive headfirst off of the patio and land on the terrace step (3 inches down) and is now sporting a lovely gash over her left eyebrow.
Thank goodness her bangs are thick enough to cover it. Between that and all the scratches the cat has given her in the last week, she looks like she's been sandblasted. Of course, does she learn not to play with the kitty? Nope.
I'm taking the kids to the park later, so maybe she'll be content to eat wood chips and avoid any more tumbles.
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Saturday marked the start of spring, take 2...we had take 1 about a month ago, followed by 3.5 straight weeks of cold, rain, grey and sleet. We even got SNOW on april 8th. Today it's supposed to hit 65. I am so totally going rollerblading.


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