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Seriously, where the !#*&$ is my time machine?

EDIT: Also?

(Thanks to Beaucoup Kevin for the image.)
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I picked up a handful of those paint markers that write on glass yesterday- a process which took 5 different stores and one very bitchy service manager at Michael's arts and crafts- and let my inner smartass free.

So, without further ado, I present the latest reason I'm going to hell. )

obBleedingHeartDisclaimer: Yes, I do realize that owning a reasonably new and fuel efficient car is a luxury, and that there are more people than just smug SUV owners taking a hit from higher gas prices. This is dedicated to everybody who gave me the Great Parental Upsell and tried to tell me that you just can't drive a compact sedan when you have children.
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The media are not, in fact, independent reporters of what's actually going on? This is me, dying of not-surprise.


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