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Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arr, and stuff.

And now that I've gotten that out of my system I am going to go solve the crisis of an ant in C's backpack then try and figure out if it's possible to walk to M's school in order to meet her and get stuff done on the bus this afternoon. [I'm sure it's possible. What I am trying to decide is whether I feel like walking 4 miles today and then riding the Glorious PVTA with a 3 year old just to avoid driving down to Hadley later today. Signs point to no.]

Tomorrow marks the first annual celebration of my 29th birthday. Go me, or something.

edit: Apparently it was a fuckton of ants. C left a backpack full of cookie crumbs on the floor. It is resting daintily on the patio where I flung it. Ew.
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Barnie shouts, "Hear ye, hear ye, scurvy dogs!"
Barnie shouts, "Look lively for this here wedding"

Clicky to read what happens when my piratey crew throws a wedding. )

And click here to see a portrait of my pirate in her fancy wedding dress. Hee.


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