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Don't worry, only I can see who picks what.

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[I have a bunch of people who've friended me recently, and I am determined to keep my flist at 69 people. If you're not deeply interested in being on any filters- the most-often used ones are the polyamory and localfilters- and don't mind not being the list, holler.]
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Uh, hi.
A little bird told me that all the *cool* blogs are here, so here I am.
I'm currently "skipping" work...despite having given 3 weeks' notice 8 weeks ago, Steph called me this morning to tell me that I'm on the schedule tonight and wanted to know if I could come in earlier than 4. Too bad nobody mentioned it to me, or else I might not have made plans like an unemployed person and gone over to my parents' house for an afternoon of BBQ and baby spoilage.
They'll probably call it a no call no show and fire me. (I should be so lucky :P)


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