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I'm not even gonna bother speculating on what might go wrong here, because so many brilliant science fiction authors have just covered the idea of an evil government getting its citizens to rat one another out for scraps or just for the joy of pure meanness to death already, and if there's one thing Aunt Hippie hates to be, it's redundant.

[Although I'm starting to think that, after every high schooler reads these books, we ought to do a psych eval and weed out the ones who were rooting for the bad guy, send 'em out as space explorers or somethin' like that, the key point bein' that we strap 'em to a rocket and get them as far away from decent folk as possible.]

I'm not lying when I say that ridiculous trolling such as what happened almost immediately here is Aunt Hippie's favorite thing, right after plain noodles with garlic butter, and it fills my heart with a warm feeling that might even pass for hope in our species on a good day. But at the end of the day when we've all had a good laugh, there's still someone in power who actually thought this was a fine idea.

We don't need more chaotic good little revolutionaries running around - ok, scratch that, what the hell, let's double 'em and see what happens- so much as we need ordinary, decent folk to stop and say "Y'know, instead of droppin' a dime on Eduardo* or Abdul, over there, maybe I ought to just go have a beer on the front steps with him, get to know him a little."

*Or Wong or Giovanni or Stanislasz or Patrick, if you want to both be retro and acknowledge that blamin' the last guy through the door ain't exactly cutting edge, ideologically speaking.
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